XIII Death – Unavoidable Endings

Tarot Soul Coaching Death Unavoidable Endings
The Frideborg Tarot

How much time do we actually have? The truth is, none of us know… but we know we have a big deadline coming up either way.

When Death shows up in a Tarot Soul Coaching session, it is about one of those deadlines (and yes, sometimes the deadline). Something has run its course and has to end. Nothing lasts forever. The only certainty in life is death and taxes, as the saying goes.

Even though endings are unavoidable, many of us don’t plan for them properly – some do not plan at all. We wish to be absolved of the responsibility of planning for our own finale, the way a mediocre author avoids thinking about the ending until he gets to the final chapter.

Our death, because it is a part of our life, can be a statement of faith, just as much as anything else we do in life. It can be a comforting farewell to those who love us. We can avoid leaving them in a state of confusion about our wishes when it comes to funeral arrangements and our will. We can make sure that our funeral is covered financially. We can make sure that those who care about us know that we left ready to face the great unknown – or at least without too much fear and trepidation.

We have this body for a very short space of time. It is our soul’s vehicle. As it grows older, we approach that unavoidable ending… How do we treat our body when this happens? Do we scold it for not staying young or do we embrace it with gratitude for all the soul growth service it has rendered? Do we treat it like a trash can or do we lovingly keep nourishing it to the very end? Do we use our body to be the tool for soul embodiment that it can be or do we use it to numb and dull our senses.

In the (short) time you have left, how much do you wish to keep growing? When the ending comes, what do you want it to look like?

Ultimately, how we intend to finish our lives informs our bodies how to live. If you do not set the intent with absolutely clarity, our bodies are more easily affected by both outside influences and unresolved inner conflict around death and endings in general.

Be clear about your own unavoidable ending, my friend.


Lisa Frideborg
Tarot Soul Coach

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