Book a distant healing from the comfort of your own home for mind, body and spirit healing.

FREE Distant Healing

Book a distant healing from the comfort of your own home for mind, body and spirit healing.

Why I Decided to Offer FREE Healing

Important Update

ETA 2 Sep, 2019: So… It seems boundaries are needed as some people are starting to take the p*ss. Some are not even bothering with confirming their appointments. I’m only hearing back from about 50% of people after the healing. I have also had the odd person emailing me their life story with their healing request, expecting me to provide free life guidance.

I’m not expecting massive amounts of gratitude in return but just to let me know that the healing and my message has been received is a minimum of courtesy.

Hence, I have no choice but to ask for a small donation for the healing service. If you have no ability to donate even the £3 amount suggested on Ko-fi, do let me know but please understand that if you do not confirm your appointment, healing will not be sent.

The FREE healing waiting list is getting quite long. Those of you who have a more urgent need for energy healing now have the option to order a special wellbeing Tarot and oracle card reading which includes distant healing. You can book yours HERE.

What Is Distant Healing?

Energy healing has been know by shamans and ancient sages since time immemorial. Healing energy can be channelled by people who have the healing gift, i.e. who can sense Source energy and who become (intuitively) aware that they are able to direct this energy for healing. No healing attunements are needed, other than from Source itself, for this to work.

The channelled healing energy facilitates healing in the energy field (aura) of the person receiving this energy. This subtle healing energy filters through the layers of the aura to correct any mental/emotionally balance, which may sometimes result in physical healing.

Because energy healing works on the mental and emotional body of the energy field , the emotional benefit (calm, relaxation and a greater sense of wellbeing in general) is usually immediately apparent and sometimes other more ‘miraculous’ changes also occur but that is not something the energy healer can promise since the healing happens in synergy with the receiver and depends on where on their spiritual journey they are.

There is no need to be physically present in order to receive healing energy. What is needed is an intent to receive the energy and to accept the changes that will happen as a result… because that much is certain, change will begin with the healing energy being sent!

We often hold onto dis-ease because there are some benefits associated with it, so the first question you need to be clear about is ‘Do I truly wish to be whole and free of this condition/disease?’ If you answered ‘Heck, yeah!’ I’m here waiting for you…

Of course healing is something can occur up until the point we draw our very last breath. Healing can most definitely be sent if the condition has been deemed terminal, as it can help the receiver with greater levels of peace and acceptance as they prepare to transition. It can also be sent to facilitate crossing over for loved ones.

How to Book a FREE Distant Healing Session with Lisa

Please email me first to check for availability. I do one FREE 20-minute session a day, usually in the afternoon, UK time. You don’t need to be ‘tuned in’ to what is happening and can choose to receive the healing while you sleep or go about your day if you prefer.

Feedback after the healing and/or a review on my Facebook page is much appreciated. Thank you!

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