What’s Growing in Your Garden?

What's Growing in Your Garden?

The Garden – Seven of Earth

Last night, before falling a sleep, I did a brief Tarot meditation with the Tarot of the Spirit. The card I had randomly chosen for this was Seven of Earth (trad. 7 of Pentacles), ‘The Garden.’

Pamela Eakins associates this card with the Magus:

The Earth is your Garden. In creating this Garden, you are aided by the gardening tools which you have already earned: your Wand (balance and direction in your will), Cup (balance and direction in your intuition and emotions), and blade (balance and direction in your reason. You may now select the seeds with which you will sow your Garden. You must ‘plant your gold in a sacred field.’

She also talks about how failure is not regression – It’s something that helps us re-evaluate and see that there is a better, more rewarding path for us to take. Meditating with this card last night, I was trying to visualise the kind of garden I wanted to plant and where I needed to invest my energy for this to happen. 

Yesterday brought a lot of online drama because of my post about Doreen Virtue’s A-Z list going viral and it created a big drain on my energy. That is not what I or my work is about. That is not what I want growing in my garden. Sometimes, when we feel that we are in the middle of a draining situation, it is easier to focus on what we don’t want, even subconsciously.

Not My Dream Garden

To prove this theory, I had a dream about – you guessed it – Doreen Virtue. I was stuck on a ledge of her house, not sure how to get down. She looked out and said, ‘It’s not that far, you can let go and jump down.’ I followed her advice and landed softly on the brown grass below.

When I looked around her garden, it was not only plagued by drought but full of crisp (US chips) bags and cups and boxes from fast food delivery places. I felt responsible for cleaning her garden up, so I started carrying the trash to the outside bin which was overflowing. Around it lay heaps of rubbish. Doreen came rushing out somewhat embarrassed and offered to help.

I think my subconscious mind has a sense of humour. I’m grateful that my subconscious mind chose humour to point out that I feel responsible for Doreen’s garden because I allowed myself to be inspired by her unbalanced quick fix mentality in the past. 

So this morning, I asked for guidance for the day ahead… and The Garden (Seven of Earth) came up again! I hadn’t planned on blogging my deeply personal dream but drawing this card impressed on me that it would help not only me but some readers who might be struggling to let go and who keep focusing on what they do NOT want growing in their garden.

Intent is everything and failing to plan is planning to fail. That said, even when we become aware of what it is we want more of in our life, as long as some of the old is still in it (and we cannot always control that!), it is easy to get sucked back in.

Daily Weeding

That is why the corner stone of what we plant in our garden has to be spiritual discipline, deeply rooted in tried and tested methods, such as lectio divina, meditation, contemplation, shadow work, yoga, qigong, soul alchemy, fasting, being harmony with Nature, observing signs and prayer. And at the heart of all these practices is contemplation because it fastens our soul to the Source; Without it, our garden could easily become arid and littered with the fast food of quick fix pop spirituality.

When we greet the day rooted in Source, we are not easily pulled back into old destructive patterns and habits. We become free to do the work of nurturing those seeds of gold.

The Waning Moon in Libra is a good time to use our God-given discernment and weed out the things we no longer want growing in our garden, methinks. 

Have a great weekend!



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