What Is The Main Spiritual Benefit of OMAD?

The Tower from The Tarot of the Spirit

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I want to start by thanking the person who wrote in and asked for a text to speech function on the blog. I know you’ll think I’m a complete troglodyte but I didn’t even know it was a thing! I tried it out on my most recent post and while it’s not perfect, it certainly gives you the gist of the post. I would love some feedback on this function and if it’s a hit, I’ll use it on the Angelorum blog as well!

One Meal a Day aka OMAD

My question for the Tarot today is about my recently implemented way of eating which is a form of intermittent fasting where you eat only one meal a day, also known as OMAD. There is a lot of new research about the physical and mental benefits out there so that’s not what my question for the Tarot of the Spirit is about. Instead I want to know what the main spiritual benefit is. I wanted the Tarot to blow me away with its answer and it didn’t fail me!

The Tower is a card of KonMari on steroids – A massive and almost instant clear-out. Everything I believed about healthy eating turned out to be a complete falsehood. Not only that, it dawned on me as I looked at The Tower from the Tarot of the Spirit that a total disruption of my daily schedule was necessary for any real spiritual growth to take place. Our schedules are often a lot more centred around our eating habits than we imagine.

It also dawned on me that the greatest benefit of all is that almost everything I had invested simply ceased to matter when I threw out my strict and repetitive eating schedule (which lead to both boredom and constant cravings). As I go through my day with so much more time on my hands, I realise that a bit of occasional hunger (not cravings!) is a small price to pay for this much freedom. 

Some consider the sense of euphoria you get with fasting to be a spiritual high. I wouldn’t go that far. I consider it perk for sure but more of an emotional one than a spiritual one. Feelings come and go. By the way, it wasn’t until I shifted from doing intermittent fasting with a six hour eating window to OMAD that I experienced my first faster’s high.

Nope, the real spiritual gain here is putting a wrecking ball to my old life so I can start over with a clean slate. Food conditions us, not just through our food choices but through social convention. We can literally be prisoners to that convention. 

Everything Pamela Eakins says about The Tower in the companion guide to the Tarot of Spirit applies:

A series of insights propels you to new awareness; you have outgrown the old structure – physical or mental – you built; you must destroy this structure (or allow it to crumble) in order to make room for the new structures you need; you may have to sacrifice certain things in order to grow; you may find yourself changing quite a bit; search your heart for answers; we often have to give up before we gain.

I was curious if my favourite Oracle Cards would agree with this and pulled Azure.

Azure from the Secret Language of Color Cards

You may have noticed that azure is the exact colour of the body of the figure in The Tower card above. This is a process of purification for mind body and spirit. I’m protecting myself from rot on every level of my being by sticking to OMAD.  Just as autophagy takes care of toxic bio matter in the body when we fast, our soul is able to clear out any energetic/spiritual toxins when our lives aren’t dictated by the myth of ‘three square meals.’

For the first time I clearly see the correlation between The Chariot and The Tower – two cards that are related through the seven numerology.  When we truly decide to apply spiritual discipline, structures are bound to crumble. Even though the intent is not to set up a wrecking ball to our old life and habits, that may well be what it feels like… and that’s a good thing!



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