What Are You Going to Do with All That Power?

tarot and oracle card guidance 4 october lightworker oracle and frideborg tarot
Lightworker Oracle and Frideborg Tarot

Frideborg Tarot and Oracle Guidance for Friday, 4 October

Pluto stationed direct today and with that, we are faced with issues around personal power. This is showing up in a very direct way for tomorrow’s reading where the Lightworker Oracle gives us the First Ray of Power.

In response to the question ‘What are you going to do with all that power?,’ the Tarot hastens to assure, ‘I will surrender it to Divine Will.’

Power wielded by the separate self (aka the ego) is never prudent and often quite dangerous or destructive, as we get to witness on a daily basis in the political arena.

As Lightworkers, we are aware of the onus to work only for the Highest Good of All, basing all our decisions – and especially decisions involving power – on this fundamental belief.

We live in a constant state of surrender to Divine Will. This state of surrender is symbolised by XII The Hanged Man in the reading for Friday, 4 October. We willingly sacrifice the desire of the separate self, knowing that no lasting joy can be found through it.

The King of Swords is calling us to use discernment about where the sacrifice must be made. He won’t hesitate for a second to cut out that which no longer serves the Summum Bonum with his sword. He will do so with panache and surgical precision.

Things are speeding up and the world around us is changing quickly in response to our internal states rapidly altering. As within, so without. It can be quite disconcerting to see so much change within such a short period of time…

Waking up one day and realising that most of what we prioritised no longer matters to us is likely to make us feel anxious (9 of Swords), especially if we are not sure exactly what it is being replaced with quite yet.

So the tip from the Tarot is to simply accept both the state of flux and the concommittant discomfort or anxiety. Know that this too shall pass and – more importantly – know that you are far more powerful than you could imagine!

In this phase, you may not move forward with great haste but that doesn’t mean that you are inactive. The action you must take now is that detached and determined cutting action of the King of Swords once he finds the tumor that needs removing.

What this ‘tumor’ looks like in your life will vary but it is likely to be something that has kept you busy for the sake of it and drained you of valuable life force energy that you will now be able to use for healing, edification and establishing an era of compassion on Earth.

The measure of a man is what he does with power.


Love and Light,


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