The Universe is Not Neutral

The Universe is Not Neutral

Okay, so that title may be a bit misleading. The universe (as in the creation) is neutral because it is goverened by natural laws. Gravity, for instance, doesn’t care if you die, should you decide to jump out of the 16th floor window. But I was referring to the Universe in the sense many people within the New Age use it, as a synonym for Divine Creator, God or Source… and that Universe is definitely NOT neutral.

I often see New Age Law of Attraction coaches state with absolute certainty that the Universe is neutral and if you just implement the Law of Attraction correctly, the Universe has to deliver whatever it is you wish to manifest.

There is a tiny problem with that level of confidence in the Law of Attraction and that is that there are more laws that govern the universe, some of which (I’m fairly certain) we have yet to discover.

If we look to the Tarot Major Arcana cards, the card that best corresponds with the Law of Attraction is, without a doubt, The Magician. This is no conicidence because knowledge about the Law of Attraction lies at the foundation of all ancient magickal arts. However, the ancients were well aware that the ‘as above, so below’ law was not the only law.

In fact, the very next arcanum, the High Priestess, more than hints at the laws that are hidden from human consiousness. What do we, for instance, know about the afterlife and the laws that govern our patterns of incarnation/reincarnation? We cannot with certainty say that anybody who is born under less than favourable circumstances is so as punishment for past lives or even to learn a specific lesson – at least not without a complete compassion bypass.

Staying stuck in the mindset that the Law of Attraction is the only law that exists or matters is creating a generation of victim-blaming entitled narcissists. But this too is not new. We only have to look to the Book of Job in the Old Testament to verify that this mindset existed back then too. However, there is a plot twist and I don’t want to ruin it. Read the Book of Job for yourself and see what you make of it. A bit of Bible education never killed anyone – Oh wait, it did… so study safely by keeping your mind open.

So, if the Universe is not neutral, what is it? The Buddhists (at least the lot I studied with) claimed that Mind is all there is. So how come I can hear the heartbeat of the Universe echo through all of creation…? And how come I hear it the loudest when I read the words of Yeshua – especially in the so-called Gnostic Gospels.

Yeshua teaches us that LOVE is the true force behind all of creation. Only LOVE can create genuine shifts in the minds of people – the kind of shifts that benefit many generations to come. Only LOVE brings grace, mercy and forgiveness – the qualities that counteract shame, guilt and feelings of being unworthy.

This LOVE is also know as I AM and it dwells in each of our hearts. In the Tarot we see it depicted as the Ace of Cups, representative of the Element of Water. The Water Trump is, of course, The Hanged Man, corresponding with Neptune (higher octave of Venus), representing unconditional love.

The Ace of Cups is the cup from which we drink so that we may never thirst and this cup is never withheld. We don’t have to do anything to prove ourselves worthy. We don’t have to become successful or prove that we can manifest a bunch of stuff. We just have to rest in the knowledge that we are the children of the great I AM and always will be.

This past year, I have spent many months immersing myself in the Law of Attraction. During this time, I have heard over and over again that ‘mindset is everything.’ The assumption is that as long as the mindset is of a ‘high vibration’ we will, in time, attract whatever it is our heart desires. Unfortunately, ‘high vibration’ seems to mean turning away from those suffering lest you yourself become one of them, warns the Gospel of ‘Gimme Gimme.’ Only surround yourself with other positive, rich and successful people…

Hang on a wee minute.

There is something so wrong with all of this that I shouldn’t have to spell it out but I will anyway because I think a lot of people on earth right now are failing at the most basic lesson we are all here to learn: to love each other.

Love is not just a feeling. Unless we act on the feeling and feed those who are starving, clothe those who are cold and naked, and provide healing for those who are in need of it. Those who are in need, not those who ‘deserve’ it…

And this is why, after all this time, more than ever, I love the teachings of Yeshua. It’s the only sanity and sanctity I seem to be able to find in this crazy world where people (including supposedly spiritual folk) are just in it for what they have to gain for themselves.

It would indeed be ideal for those within the New Age if their assertion that the Universe is neutral were true because then there would be no karmic repercussions for turning away from those in need. Yeshua called these people in need our ‘brother’ and our ‘neighbour’ to drive home to us just how much we are all connected.

What does it do to our soul when we turn away from a brother who is suffering? There is no answer in the Law of Attraction that can explain this… and isn’t that in and of itself proof that there are other laws we need to consider?

The Universe’s very heart beats for those who are suffering and downtrodden, those who the LoA prophets would have you turn away from and that some of them even turn around to and say to their face ‘You brought this on yourself with your faulty mindset.’

Lisa Frideborg

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