The Starkeeper’s Rite

A reading with Wheel of Change Tarot before doing the Starkeeper's Rite in Munay-Ki.

It has been a year since I started studying Munay-Ki and I completed the first seven rites in rapid succession – Then I stalled. Apparently, this is not uncommon from what fellow students are reporting. At the time, I didn’t know why but with the gift of 20/20 hindsight, I can see clearly that I wasn’t ready for the final two rites which are known as the Future Rites.

The first four rites are the Foundation Rites: The Healer’s Rite, Bands of Power (psychic protection), Harmony Rite (chakra alignment) and Seer’s Rite. The following three rites are known as the Lineage Rites: Daykeeper’s Rite (feminine wisdom), Wisdomkeeper’s (masculine wisdom) Rite and Earthkeeper’s Rite (stewardship of Earth).

To be honest, though those seven rites were seeded a year ago, I hadn’t been cultivating those seeds. The desire to nurture them and to take the next step only came thanks to meeting someone who was actually working with the Munay-Ki energy in circle. I was instantly reconnected with Munay-Ki thanks to this luminous ambassador of the energy and that was all it took to make any shred of doubt or hesitation to melt away.

Strange things happened in the past year, things that I should have known were signs that the time wasn’t right and that an old paradigm had to die completely first. One of the main signs was the loss of my pie stone. A stone that had been gifted me by my mother who passed away last year. It happened while I was out walking with my husband. I felt it slip off my neck and I instantly began looking everywhere on the ground around me – It was as if the Earth herself (Pachamama) had swallowed the stone up.

The pie stone I lost.

It seems fairly obvious to me now, that where I struggled and what I needed to graduate from was my internal conflict regarding the balance between masculine and feminine energy. This is an ancestral healing journey I had been on and the loss of the snowflake obsidian (which balances masculine and feminine energy) was a sign that this was something for me to understand more deeply, heal and integrate within before I was ready to progress. The snowflake obsidian is also a stone that balances the root chakra, the chakra that had suffered the most due to early childhood trauma. All my life, I didn’t feel safe and I didn’t trust myself completely. And now that is all behind me.

Last night, I completed the Starkeeper’s Rite, after spending a couple of days studying and meditating to reconnect with the energies of the Munay-Ki archetypes. Before entering into sacred space to complete the Rite, I did the reading you see at the top of this post. The cards used are the Wheel of Change Tarot. This was a case of this particular deck insisting to be used, even though I have been working almost exclusively with the Starman Tarot recently for my personal readings.

Speaking of the Starman – It is such a relief to be reconnected with my Star Family through the Starkeeper’s Rite. I didn’t even realise how much I had missed them!!!

Now, there is only the Creator’s Rite left for me to complete and it is calling to me this Beltane Eve. I realise now that these rites are only the beginning and that daily meditation will be required for the seeds to grow but I’m now in a place where this can and will happen.

The prerequisites for stepping into the empowerment as a Starkeeper were all the things I have been working actively on since the day after my 49th birthday this year: daily meditation, yoga, detox, trusting myself, releasing the things that no longer served me (which was a whole lot, as it turns out)… I’m being reborn and I’m not afraid to step into my power so that I can pass these rites on eventually.

I am free and I don’t even feel a need to list all the things I am free from now. It’s done and dusted and there is no looking back. The seeds of the first seven Munay-ki rites were part of the ongoing process of freeing myself. I also believe that I gained momentum for transformation thanks to the current and ongoing Pluto and Saturn transits which are passing over three of my inner planets (including Sol) in the 8th House.

In the Native American tradition, they say that you become an adult only at age 50. I’m glad for this 49-year period of grace and that I am now finally ready to blossom into my full potential. I am grateful to all the teachers along the way, friends and ‘enemies’ alike. My heart is literally bursting with gratitude for the gift of life.

I take what works and use it. That is my modus operandi as a Capricorn Sun-Mercury-Venus. If results can be achieved, then ‘Yes please!’ The rites work and if they were given freely by the Q’ero for Alberto Villoldo to pass on then it is not cultural appropriation because what has been freely given must be freely and lovingly accepted, as well as passed on to future generations. We are one nation; We are all Earth’s children.

“We have been the keepers of rites that usher in who we are becoming as a people, as a planet. These processes are not only for the Indians, but for the entire world.”

– Don Manuel Quispe to Alberto Villoldo

Thanks to yesterday’s reading with the Wheel of Change Tarot and then the draw for a Beltane Oracle with the same deck, I’m falling in love with this deck so much right now. The 9 of Disks for completing the 9 Rites and the Hierophant for carrying the lineage forward was crystal clear. Also, the ‘extra’ card from the Wheel of Change Tarot came out, to show rebirth and new energy coming to Earth through this rite… You can see the incoming energy in the 9 of Disks as well. I will be featuring the Wheel of Change Tarot here on the blog in May, mixed in with the Starman Tarot. Below, you can see the Wheel of Change Tarot Strength card – Really, could you ask for a more perfect card for Beltane Eve?!

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DAILY ORACLE – TUESDAY, 30 APRIL, 2019 Today I was drawn to pull a card from the #WheelofChangeTarot for a #Beltane message from Spirit and I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear when #Strength showed up. Can you spot the #Beltane fire in the background? So our message for today is to embrace our inner fire, passion, creativity and sexuality. What was stuck is once again starting to flow. Simply enjoy a state of flow as often as possible today. Nature will take care of the rest! A great time for marking this special day in the Wheel of the Year with a ritual or even an initiation rite of some kind for some of you reading this. What are you celebrating today? What have you overcome? Love & Light, Lisa #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotsoulcoaching #tarotwellness #wheeloftheyear #celebration #sabbat #tarottuesday #tuesdaywisdom #tuesdaythoughts

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  1. Clare says:

    A fascinating article Lisa, I started Munay Ki Rites before I moved to the seaside and I just wasn’t ready for the course. Now that we are settled by the sea, and working as a healer, I can relate to the rites much better xxx thank you for sharing your journey with us x

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Clare! Living by the sea and doing healing work sounds WONDERFUL! Blessings on your Munay-Ki journey x

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