The Rose Strewn Path, Dragons, Video-Making and Retiring from Podcasting

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A few weeks ago, I decided to experiment with podcasting. I enjoyed the experience of getting my voice out there in the Rose Strewn Path podcast series, but I realised quite quickly that I was limiting both myself and my audience reach by sticking to audio instead of making videos. There was just not enough engagement and interactivity to hold my interest when the whole reason for starting the podcasts was to create a greater connection with my readership and social media following.

Hence, I’m announcing my retirement as a podcaster and welcome people back to my newly reopened Lisa Frideborg Soul Coach YouTube channel which is going to fulfil the same purpose as my podcast series but on a broader, more varied and – hopefully – more entertaining as well as engaging level.

You can find my re-intro video below…

And below is the video I made today about Dragons…

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