The Creator Rite

Setting up sacred space for the Creator's Rite.

After completing the Starkeeper’s Rite yesterday, I felt guided to go ahead and complete the nine rites of Munay-Ki with the Creator Rite last night, Beltane Eve. Above is a picture I took as I was gathering my tools together and setting up sacred space for the 9th and final Rite.

Before I started clearing setting up, I pulled a card from the Mother Mary Oracle for the kind of Divine Feminine energy I would be in the presence of during the Rite and got ‘Our Lady of Soul Birth’ (see above). A rebirth took place last nigh for sure. Yesterday I proclaimed ‘I am FREE!’ and today I can truthfully say that I feel fully RECONNECTED both vertically and horizontally. This is the death of the ‘separate self.’

The Creator Rite awakens the divine Creator Light within and allows us to become conscious stewards of all of creation on Earth and in the Cosmos. It connects us deeply with the angelic realm and the Earthkeepers and enables a clear connection for working with them, for the Highest Good of All.

Yesterday, I talked about how the Starkeeper’s rite reconnected me with my Star Family. What I didn’t expect was that the Creator Rite would reconnect me with the realm of the Fae. This reconnect was completely necessary because I had let my relationship with them laps through a lack of faith in my inner guidance. Now I trust myself again and they were very quick to facilitate the reconnection – No doubt the ease of the reconnection was facilitated by the fact that this Rite took place on Beltane.

I didn’t do a Tarot reading before the rite this time. Instead, I did the reading after I had received the empowerment, while still in circle. You can see the cards I pulled from the Wheel of Change Tarot below.

A Beltane Tarot reading after completing the Munay-Ki Creator Rite.

The birth/rebirthing theme is apparent here too, with The Empress (my Soul Card!) as the central card. The card I pulled from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle nearly floored me. It was as if the Fae collectively stepped into my circle and held this card up to me, telling me that Door between their world and mine is once again wide open and they wish to work with me to help Mama Earth.

The 10 of Cups is very much a card of community and communion and in the Wheel of Change Tarot, this communion extends back in time to our ancestors.

The Hanged Man is my Shadow card – In the Wheel of Change Tarot, it points to Litha in the Wheel of the Year. Much will be reprogrammed between Beltane and Litha and my whole perspective (and therefore the work I do) is starting to change now.

The work has only begun. I commit to it with a blissful feeling in my heart. As part of the changes already happening, I have started a brand new podcast – Check out the introductory episode of ‘A Rose Strewn Path’!

Love and Beltane Blessings,


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