Stream of Love

Tarot of the Spirit

…you love all that is; this is a beautiful time to be alive.

~ Pamela Eakins

Have you ever tried asking the Tarot, ‘What is my mission this lifetime?’ The Tarot of the Spirit is the kind of Tarot deck that seems to be inviting me to ask all the big questions.

I have come to trust this deck because it has not once failed to answer my questions – deep and mundane alike. Not only does the artwork seem to click with something deep inside but Pamela Eakins usually has a couple of layers of insight that are 100% spot on in the companion book as well. 

That is why I didn’t hesitate to ask what my mission in this lifetime is when the question arose last night… and I couldn’t be happier with the answer that arrived in the form of Three of Water (trad. 3 of Cups) – Stream of Love. 

Again, I’m reminded of that time when two Jehova’s Witnesses knocked on the door of my flat when I was living in the North Stockholm area. They asked me, ‘Do you know why you were born and what the meaning of your life is?’ Without hesitation, I replied, ‘I am here to learn to love.’

But more than that, the Three of Water is a reminder to enjoy the beauty and abundance of all of life. Because this is the natural expression of Love… to delight in creation… and through that delight, ever more beauty is born.




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