Still Waters

Tarot of the Spirit

…retreat is necessary and good at this time…

~ Pamela Eakins

Have you ever suffered a complete loss of motivation and ambition? Did it frustrate you or did you accept it when it happened? Did it last for a long or short time?

As someone who considers herself pretty creatively driven and motivated, I’m fascinated by this almost total lull. I’m almost three weeks into a 40-day 800 calories a day intermittent fasting program, so I suppose it could just be my body telling me to hibernate… but I don’t actually feel ‘low energy.’ Most days my energy levels are soaring during the first half of the day (until I start eating). 

So I decided to ask the Tarot what is going on and the 8 of Cups from the Tarot of the Spirit came out… because really, what other card would be a better fit? While the standard Waite Smith rendition of this card signifies restlessness and moving on, the Tarot of the Spirit addresses how it is necessary to go deeper before we can go higher.

The reason I embarked on 40 days of fasting in the first instance was to make room for emotional and spiritual transformation. Should I then be surprised that I start sinking deeper and become completely still? Should I be surprised that my appetites are changing and that a longing for excitement is gradually replaced by a longing for deep peace?

The Tarot of the Spirit take on the 8 of Cups/Water is actually more aligned with Saturn in Pisces, which is about creating a lasting structure/foundation before moving on. There is nothing ‘spur of the moment’ or haphazard about Saturn energy.

On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, all the 8’s land in the Sefira of Hod, where symbols and language are born… New symbols are waiting to emerge: symbols that speak of unity, of transcending duality, of merging with the Beloved without a need for dogma, theology or any kind of divisive us/them antics. 

A reconditioning is happening here. I’m happy to go with the flow of the deepest current and let it happen. I’m happy for nothing to happen on the surface. I don’t need to be in control. I surrender to Love.



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