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Ask Your Guides Oracle

Tarot and Oracle Guidance for Thursday, 3 October

Healer guides are showing up to acknowledge that what you have been through recently has not been easy for you. They are here to hold space for you to take an honest look at your emotions and the damage that has been done, so that you can clear the debris of this event from your life.

Drawing a healing line under the past always means forgiveness, so this is the first step you must take after you have allowed yourself to feel all the feels that were brought up by the betrayal or bad treatment you found yourself at the receiving end of. Or maybe you played a part in dishing out some things you regret. In case of the latter, you will need to forgive yourself as well.

While we can’t remake the past, forgiveness makes it possible to start afresh without carrying past burdens with us.

Frideborg Tarot

As soon as you have forgiven everyone, anxiety (9 of Swords) can begin to give way to optimism and a clear vision of the future (King of Wands). The most important thing to remember is that you have something unique to contribute. There is absolutely no need to compare yourself to others (5 of Wands). In fact, it is essential that you stop comparing yourself to others, as it was this energy that invited the recent event into your life and caused so much anxiety.

From now on, vow to stay in your own lane and if you have to get blinders, get blinders… Although going within daily for meditation, prayer, connecting with your guides and contemplation will have a better effect!

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