Sitael – 3 of Wands

Sitael - 3 of Wands

Our Shem angel of the day, Sitael, is the ruler of the second quinance (five days) of second decan Aries. The planetary ruler is Sol. 

3 of Wands

The Sun is very happy in Aries, and this combination in the third sephira on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Binah (Understanding), is what gives us the title ‘Virtue’ for the 3 of Wands. The Golden Dawn title is ‘Lord of Established Strength.’

This card signifies the first phase of stability after a the launch of a successful venture. The energy is still expanding though and you really get a sense of that in Frieda’s artwork. The heat radiating from this card is almost palpable.

I also see the three of Wands as a networking card – Connecting with the right people at the right time, through providence and synchronicity. All things work together beautifully when we move forward with work that is born in the Light.

The Tarot Soul Coaching question to ask ourselves today could be something along the lines of, ‘How open am I to be divinely guided to the right people and circumstances for the work I feel inspired to do?’ One way of opening up to this kind of guidance is to ask the angels to help guide us to the people best able to help us.

“Inviting angels into your life builds a stronger connection between you and God.” 
― Maria G. Maas


Sitael (Samech Yod Tet) is the third of the 72 Shemhamphorash and his title is ‘God of Hope.’ Samech corresponds with Temperance, Yod with The Hermit and Set with Strength.

Sitael can be invoked in times of adversity. He rules over noble intentions and divinely inspired work. Sitael protects again armed assaults and attacks by wild animals.  The hour of invocation is 2.20-2.40 AM. Those born under this angel’s influence take great pleasure in helping anyone in need.

Meditating on this God-name (SaYoTe) can help us bring miracle into our lives. It helps us overcome temptation and step out of our own way, so that the Light can work through us.

The corresponding verse from Psalms: 

I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. (Ps. 91:2 KJV)


Lisa Frideborg

Tarot Soul Coach

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