Setting the Intent for the New Financial Year

Using the Tarot for setting the intent for the new financial year

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! I’ve been self-employed for seven and a half years now and this week sees the start of my 8th financial year. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about intentional living and proactively manifesting my best life. Before I started my intermittent fasting and weight loss journey, I had gotten completely stuck in a rut. It happened imperceptibly but became very apparent when I started taking charge of my health and eating habits. It’s funny how changing just one habit can have a huge knock-on effect, isn’t it?

I noticed that my passion for my work had started sliding, in particular when it came to the marketing/business side of things. I’ll be honest with you, part of that was due to gradually decreasing confidence levels which were directly related to my fitness levels. I had stopped making my health a priority and that is NEVER a good idea. Bad habits have a knock-on effect too and quite possibly, the most detrimental one is how it affects our confidence. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not started doing drugs or drinking heavily. I just wasn’t consistently doing the things I need to be doing to be at the top of my game, such as daily yoga and meditation, cardio, resistance training, going to bed on time, goal setting etc. 

Excuses are really insidious. There comes a point when you are ready to kill them though and it often begins with a glance in the mirror and not feeling comfortable with the person looking back at you. Is that person keeping the promises she made to herself way back when? If not, it’s likely that the light has gone out of her eyes. 

And this is exactly what happened to me at the start of this year. That’s when I had a massive moment of metanoia. I was finally ready to start doing all the things I had intended to start doing when I resolved to myself that I didn’t want to end up like my mother, after watching her pass away from Alzheimer’s last year.

Even so, at the time, I had no idea just how much my life was about to change. Some of the changes that I didn’t even dare entertain at the time are now underway. For instance, I’m getting involved with a local charity once a week, I’m moonlighting as a transcriptionist instead of frittering my evenings away, I’ve lost 11 kg and regained much of my strength and flexibility in less than three months … and, rather unexpectedly, have started feeling excited about being self-employed once again.

So, in the spirit of intentional living, I’m asking the Tarot for help with creating a positive focus, using my word. Yes, I have a word that I live by now. It’s ‘act’ because I’ve spent so much of my life in Piscean dream mode that I don’t want to waste another minute. The ‘a’ stands for focusing on achievements, the ‘c’ stands for extending/expanding compassion and the ‘t’ stands for building a foundation of trust – mainly by keeping my promises to myself.

For each of the three letters above, I pulled one card from The Complete Tarot Kit by Running Press, and this is what you see at the top of the post. The erudite Hermit has shown up in the achievement position to show me that I must do more serious research and writing. The Hermit is also a perfect fit for the new wellness coaching business that I want to set up, since he corresponds with Virgo (health).

The 3 of Cups is showing up in the compassion position to show me that the focus for my business needs to build real relationships with clients and potential stakeholders. Finally, the Hierophant for trust is showing me that a slow and steady approach, using tried and tested methods for generating greater trust is the best way forward. Interestingly, the oak tree imagery in this card is also a reference to vitality and longevity, so it seems I’m on the right track!

How intentional is your life right now? Could you do with some coaching to get back on track?

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