Rewire These 3 Things in Your Mind for Abundance

Rewire These 3 Things in Your Mind for Abundance
Manifesting is FUN!

At the start of this year, my mindset oscillated and juddered a lot between sucking completely and being kind of useful in terms of the Highest Good of All. It had been that way for a long time, decades even, considering the fact that I’ll be 50 next year and my largely negative mindset was formed during the first few years of my life.

I had the best excuse for not being abundant and prospering financially: I had suffered childhood trauma, complete with abuse and abandonment. I would even convince myself that I was successful simply by virtue of having survived for as long as I had. Yup, that’s where I was stuck. Yet, oddly, I was trying to convince myself that I didn’t have a victim mentality. I was nothing like my mother.

I was totally like my mother and generations of women in my family before her – My younger sister being the real life exception to what seemed like genetic wiring for fiscal incompetence. I was waiting to be rescued by some outside force. I didn’t dare believe that I had within me the power to create financial stability for myself and my children.

In January 2019, I finally got fed up with bullshitting myself. This is what I learned in the process about what needs to change so that you can step into an abundance mindset even IF you have the most perfect excuse in the world for not doing so…

1. Move Beyond a Rigid Mindset

I had, in this half-arsed mindset of mine, debunked the Law of Attraction as a crock of shite. I had decided it was created by people who were trying to pull the wool over the eyes of less discerning people but they couldn’t fool me. No sir! I’m in touch with reality. I’m not going to fall for that optimism you’re peddling.

What I see clearly now is that it was my rigid mindset which prevented me from understanding the true nature of of the Law of Attraction and that is that this is the law of love itself. It flows from the Source of creation (Love) to all created beings (beloved) so that we can become like Source and manifest all that brings us the joy Source intended for us.

Realise that there is no black or white, right or wrong, us versus them… Source is always dancing in the interplay between polarities. It remains in ‘neutral’ and that’s where we must dwell too, in order to be able to manifest from infinite potential. This is the innocence of The Fool in the Tarot and the same innocence we return to in the final three Trumps.

This first step alone will create a paradigm shift. Your mindset will be one that is finally open to receive guidance and inspiration on how to receive.

2. Be Selfish (Do More of What Brings You Healing and Joy)

This is is a funny one for me to write about because ‘selfishness’ is one of the things I used to hold against LOA-proponents or hold up as ‘evidence’ of how ‘unspiritual’ they were.

This year, I have been on ginormous self-healing journey which demanded that I become more ‘selfish.’ I had to devote more time to me. To recover myself, I had to set time aside for daily spiritual practices and exercise. I knew I had to do all these things, so I decided to be okay with being more ‘selfish’… and, as you may well have predicted, I became better able to GIVE more as a result.

Nobody else gets to decide what YOU need to do in order to be able to place yourself in that flow of abundance where giving and being of service becomes truly joyful instead of some form of penance or duty. To you, it could be allowing yourself to enjoy a weekly shopping trip… or to just sit and stare at the wildlife down by the river for an hour every day. For someone else it could mean staying up late and having a nap during the day.

There is no one size fits all and when we place ourselves in that stream of abundance, we encourage others to be totally devoted to their me-time because we see clearly that everyone benefits.

3. Never Ever Use Your Past as an Excuse

This is one of the most important steps that need to take place for those of us who were wired for a negative mindset by childhood abuse and trauma. It is very easy to use the past as an excuse for why we can never prosper.

The voices in our heads that tell us that we are not worthy of anything other than what we already know are totally insidious. We can’t afford to keep listening to them if we wish to turn things around. The problem is that we don’t even ‘hear’ most of them since they are in the subconscious mind.

The way forward from this is to heed step no. 2 and – as part of that most excellent self-care routine – we have to actively start rewiring our subconscious mind with anything we can throw at it.

7 Things to Do to Leave Your Sorry-arse Past in the Dust

  • Listening to self-hypnosis tracks for abundance on YouTube
  • Study the Law of Attraction, daily and from multiple sources to get as much thought input as possible and sift through what actually works and what doesn’t
  • Create an abundance altar
  • Use positive prayers and affirmations, focusing on generating a feeling of gratitude (yes, even for your sorry-arse past)
  • Create an essential oil blend for abundance to anchor positive affirmations
  • Speak only Light and Love over all living beings. You cannot manifest good things in your own life unless you wish them for all living beings once we realise that the Law of Attraction operates on the basis that we are all connected
  • Write your future. Literally be the author of your future by writing down your vision of your most magnificent destiny where you are fulfilling your life-purpose and prospering because of it

BONUS TIPS: Limit social media interaction and time your usage. Don’t allow yourself to get drawn into discussions that are just a drain on your energy. Ask yourself if those discussions are contributing to the Highest Good of All before you reply to a comment.

Realise that ‘the news’ is a poor reflection of the world and it is feeding the world soul more negativity. There is a constant feedback loop between our minds and the world soul and we simply must put positive feedback through that loop if we wish for humanity to thrive. (I’m not saying ‘stop watching’ but at least watch mindfully and send out prayers to all affected by the trauma we usually see in the news.)

The Full Moon in Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

On Tuesday, 17 July, next week, we have an eclipse that can contribute and give momentum to shifting your mindset paradigm from negative to positive, from poverty consciousness to prosperity consciousness. HERE is what you need to know about how to make the most of the Full Moon in Capricorn Lunar Eclipse.

Love & Light,

Lisa Frideborg

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