Queen of Cups – Sensitivity

Queen of Cups Sensitivity

Last night, my husband and I were watching Outlaw King on Netflix. As soon as the fighting and killing started, I had to go and do something else for a while. I really don’t mind missing those scenes out and my husband is used to it by now, so rather than hitting pause, he continues to watch until I decide to rejoin him. 

You could say I’m a typical Pisces Moon/Cancer Rising in that respect. I am slowly learning to cherish and honour my sensitivity but the quote above ain’t lying – It’s painful being this sensitive on harsh planet Earth.

A.E. Waite takes this view of the Queen of Cups in his Pictorial Key to the Tarot:

Beautiful, fair, dreamy–as one who sees visions in a cup. This is, however, only one of her aspects; she sees, but she also acts, and her activity feeds her dream. Divinatory Meanings: Good, fair woman; honest, devoted woman, who will do service to the Querent; loving intelligence, and hence the gift of vision; success, happiness, pleasure; also wisdom, virtue; a perfect spouse and a good mother. Reversed: The accounts vary; good woman; otherwise, distinguished woman but one not to be trusted; perverse woman; vice, dishonour, depravity.

The astrological correspondence for the Queen of Cups is Cancer (last decan Gemini, first two decans of Cancer) although some have her as Pisces.

Elementally speaking, she is Water (all Queens are Water) of Water (Cups).  The fact that she ‘also acts,’ according to Waite makes her more Cardinal Water (Cancer) than Mutable Water (Pisces), in my opinion. At the uninitiated stages of her development, the way she acts can be typical of Waite’s reversed meanings. She can be manipulative, perverse, self-deluded and passive-aggressive. As she (or he, since it’s not gender-bound) progresses in her spiritual life, she can be the purest possible channel of divine wisdom. She holds potential for being the consummate empath, intuitive and psychic.

In the Frideborg Tarot, the Queen of Cups was one of the first images I found for my deck. When I stumbled on this picture on Pixabay, I thought ‘Wow, that’s the Queen of Cups if I ever saw one!’ She has her eyes closed as a sign of being more attuned to the inner life and realm of emotions than what is happening around her. The colours are those of the mermaid. Her hands are moving as if she her body is animated by a sensual dream or fantasy…

A highly sensitive person has two main tasks in live: developing their natural psychic gifts and putting personal boundaries in place. They must never doubt how incredibly powerful they are and never ever abdicate their power to another. The world needs the HSP in their highly developed and fully empowered state. Only then are they able to join the Rainbow Tribe of Spiritual Warriors.

We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain. ~ Alan Watts Click To Tweet



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