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Lisa Frideborg 2016

Hi I’m Lisa, and that is Nimue, our Jack Russel x Shih Tzu (aka Jackshit) in my arms. She is a total live wire which is good because it keeps me moving!

I did my first ever Tarot reading at age 15. It was for a friend who, thanks to the cards, was able to put an end to an abusive situation. Later that year, I walked into a book shop in Eastbourne, while on holiday from Sweden. The man behind the till looked up with a startled look, fixed me with a trance-like gaze and slowly pronounced, ‘You will be a Tarot reader one day!’

I laughed it off until one day in my early 40’s, I realised there was nothing else I could do and be truly happy… And I should have known better than to think I’d get away with a normal 9-5 job. You see, when I was about 6 years old, I had the mother of all out-of-body experiences. I was taken into the heart of the cosmos and show visions of things that cannot be seen in 3D ‘reality.’ Ever since, off and on, I’ve had the feeling of living in a hologram – Which to be fair, is probably not far off the truth. Thanks to this experience I know that you are both totally cosmic and eternal and I would love to help you connect deeply with your soul’s calling in this lifetime!

The gift of healing came to me, as it does for so many of us, through a healing crisis. It happened around the time of my first Saturn return. Thanks to this crisis which affected my body and mind in equal measure, I had to rise to the challenge of doing extensive Shadow work as well as learning all I could about chakras, meditation and energy healing. I trained with the NFSH (now known as the Healing Trust) and learned Western Reiki. I studied psychology and gained a Level 3 Certificate in person-centred counselling.

Recently, I trained with the Jikiden Reiki institute. Jikiden Reiki follows the Japanese tradition and is closer to what Mikao Usui and Dr Hayashi taught in the first half of the 1900’s. I work with the angelic realm while sending healing and have my own way of doing energy healing which doesn’t really fall into any of the Reiki categories though I do appreciate this modality immensely.

Tarot and Healing are both holistic modalities, as far as I am concerned. I am a firm believer in the fact that all healing is self-healing and I am so blessed to have an arsenal of tools at my disposal to be able to help facilitate YOUR healing journey.

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lisa-talk-uk-tarot-conference-2016Lisa giving her Transformation Junkie Master Class at the 2016 UK Tarot Conference

Blessed be!




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