Mahasiah – 4 of Wands

Mahasiah - 4 of Wands

Our Shem angel of the day, Mahasiah, rules the first quinance (five days) of third decan Aries. The planetary ruler is Venus. 

4 of Wands

The 4 of Wands is traditionally seen as a card of celebration. Some success has been achieved, or an event worthy of celebration has taken place.

In the traditional Smith Waite imagery, we see a celebration at the foot of a castle. Two celebrants, who look as if they might be dancing, are waving bouquets of flowers over their heads.

The welcoming flower garland tied between the four wands, is a symbol of abundance as it contains fruits as well as flowers. The wands themselves represent stability. It’s safe to pause for a while, take stock and celebrate before starting the next phase.

Many of us have been busy celebrating with friends and family during the holidays and though many of us are now back at work, the 4 of Wands feeling is likely to linger… and if it doesn’t, a question to ponder for today might be, ‘What can I do to celebrate life today?’

Celebrate life in all its glory – challenge yourself to let the routine sing, and the new dance.
~ Maximillian Degenerez


Mahasiah is the fifth of the 72 Shemhamphorash and his name means ‘Saviour God,’ same meaning as for the Messiah used of Yeshua.

Mahasiah rules over philosophy, theology, the occult and liberal arts. 

Invoke him for help with healing of any kind, as well as to live in peace with all the world. The hour of invocation is 1.20-1.40 AM.

Mahasiah can help us take responsibility for the bad habits that lead to a decline of our health in the first instance – Apt, perhaps, if we are prone to overindulging while celebrating.

The corresponding verse from Psalms: 

I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. (Ps. 34:4, KJV)


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