Kabbalah, Tarot of the Spirit and the A-Z List of Evil Practices by Doreen Virtue

Rejoice in the fact that you are not the structures you build. Your spirit is forever free.

~ Pamela Eakins

I’m back!

Hello my friends, it was nice having a break from blogging to focus on getting my Kabbalah studies underway. I also needed to focus on self-care more since I started a period of intermittent fasting on the 13th of January… But now that things have stabilised, I have started missing blogging my daily draw.

I kind of knew that things would be different when I came back because this break had been all about a process of transformation in order to be able to hold more Light. The format for these blogs needed to change and become more fluid to make room for what Spirit wants to communicate through the cards. What I didn’t know was that I would find the perfect Tarot deck for the work I’m meant to do now that resonates so deeply, it makes me almost weep with joy.

That Tarot deck is the Tarot of the Spirit, steeped in the wisdom of the Kabbalah. Funnily enough, I have had this deck for many years now but somewhere along the way, my magpie mind kept hopping from new shiny deck to new shiny deck and I forgot that I had a treasure buried under piles of other Tarot decks. The Tarot of the Spirit is where it’s at for me right now though. It’s profound on so many levels and I  have fallen in love the artwork all over again. The Tarot of the Spirit companion book is a goldmine of spiritual wisdom and now I am busy reading the Kabbalah companion book for this deck as well. This is seminal work and I am so grateful to both Pamela and the artist, Joyce Eakins for giving birth to this Tarot.

The Doreen Virtue A-Z List Jolt

Part of the reason that I’m back to daily blogging is that I was stirred from my semi-slumber and contemplation of things that are not of this world by a viral online event. I’m talking, of course, about Doreen Virtue’s infamous A-Z list of New Age and Pagan practices that supposedly lead us all straight to Hell. Being a ChristoPagan/Kabbalist Tarot reader, I couldn’t NOT say something about this though I thought I had closed the book on the Doreen Virtue saga in my life.

I realised that too much had been stirred up for too many people, and that most people still have no clue about what is actually going on. There needed to be a final post in response to this viral event. Many people are either still blessing Doreen Virtue ‘on her new path’ or saying ‘Well, I never resonated with her work anyway.’ There is outrage too now, which is good. People are no longer doubting the racism/white supremacist kind of fundamentalist Christianity that Doreen has now embraced and finally understand that she is on a highly divisive path.

Though this newfound realisation is all well and good, people need to realise that this isn’t about faith – It’s about fraud. That’s why I spent a year and half gathering evidence in support of the people who were defrauded, as well as to seek justice for the abandoned rescue animals. I did manage to help some people get refunds (mainly from Hay House) but most of the people who have suffered loss through this debacle have yet to be compensated by the one who is still profiting from the same people she is now condemning.

The Structure

So, as for the Four of Fire, which is the card I pulled from the Tarot of the Spirit on guidance about returning to blogging more regularly, I was shown that this work of getting the truth out there is done now. The blog archive on thevirtues.org.uk is there for those who need it and I am free of this burden. The comments have been closed, so that this work will no longer be able to drain me of energy.

The Four of Fire also confirms that I’m getting ready to move to the next level. There is stability but it has been starting to feel too constricting for the Spirit within me… What is stirring deep within me now needs to be tended to, nurtured and released. Having regrets about the past would keep me from this work, so I surrender that now and give thanks for everything that transpired, as well as for the beautiful souls who helped me achieve it. We have all learned so much from this!

Taking a break was necessary for me to reconnect with my work in a healthy and useful way. I had been stuck in a rut but I didn’t lose faith that part of my calling is to use the Tarot to magnify the Light in the world. Ultimately, the Tarot cards are just pieces of cardboard – a tool – and because we have free will, it’s the intent that decides how we use that tool. 

The Flame of Spirit cannot be contained for long, so I will continue to share the journey I’m on in this lifetime… and it will be more personal, more from the heart in the future.

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. 

Ezekiel 36:26

New Wine…

New wine cannot be poured into old wine skins, as the saying goes. I recently consulted a Kabbalist Astrologer who advised me that the transitional phase I am in now is powerful enough to warrant taking a new name. She suggested ‘Ora,’ (Hebr. light) and I gratefully accepted since that was a word that stood out to me earlier the same week when I was learning from the Kabbalah.


Lisa Ora Frideborg


  1. lilac-willow says:

    I’m so happy that you have found a new path that brings you joy.:))))) This fraud’s energy has certainly cut deep and it hasn’t been an easy ride for any of us. (Especially the animals UGH). Whilst I will never feel gratitude for being scammed, I do feel stronger for the experience and I feel so much compassion for people who get sucked into dating scams, or fall victim to those building rorts, or anything where you are prayed upon by charlatans. To those poor animals – my heart literally breaks and I am so sorry you were her toy. To everyone else out there who were scammed, so much love to you. To you Lisa, our voice in all of this – thank you for being so fierce and tireless, and best of luck with your studies xo

    1. admin says:

      Thank you Lilac-Willow! Onward and upward! xo

  2. Debbie Smith says:

    So glad you’re back! Your journey continues perhaps now with a lighter heart? I look forward to reading more as you move onwards x

  3. Amber says:

    Doesn’t Doreen know that the entire Bible is based on esoteric and the kabbala? And I find it interesting that her son Charles is there to pick up all the fans that Doreen stranded… making a mint am sure.

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