It’s OK… Make a Wish!

Rainbow Mirror - Tarot of the Spirit
Tarot of the Spirit

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The Void is not so deep and burning
the Yearning not so great
in the quiet benediction 
of the Resurrected Self

~ Pamela Eakins

In the Tarot of the Spirit, the Nine of Water (trad. 9 of Cups) is a card of self-acceptance, as well as having gained a new sense of wisdom and harmony. This is exactly where I am today. The resonance with this card – as always with the Tarot of the Spirit – is crystal clear.

The problem is that in this Piscean ocean of infinite wellbeing, I find that I have no motivation to expand out into the world or to improve my circumstances. Part of my query for today’s draw was what to do about this apparent lack of motivation. 

I could feel the Tarot of the Spirit smiling back at me from the Nine of Water:

Enjoy the zero point for as long as you can. Things will get busy again soon enough. Enjoy being a human being rather than a human doing while you can. And if it pleases you, make a wish for the future now… But first – Pause and admire the rainbow, placed there as a sign of the infinite grace you are now enjoying.

Yes, I want to make a wish. I want to start feeling useful again. But I don’t even know what to wish for. So I asked the Unicorns… 

Dance - Oracle of the Unicorns
Oracle of the Unicorns

My idea of ‘useful’ clearly needs to be addressed! One of the reasons I abandoned a career as a Dance Teacher (yes, I have been certified to teach dance!) was because I felt it wasn’t a ‘proper job,’ which is kind of ironic since most people wouldn’t consider Tarot reader a proper job either. 

But quite aside from that, the Oracle knows that part of me allowing myself to enjoy my beingness is to for me to dance more. Unless I honour this deep calling from my soul, my creative spark may never be reignited. With Moon, Mars and North Node in Pisces all undergoing a Neptune transit, I cannot deny the lyrical aspect of my soul. I must not. I must swim with the tide. I must re-member what it feels like allowing music to move my body… my entire being…

Which part of your soul self are you repressing today? What are you not doing because others may not appreciate the value of it?

The rainbow of the resurrected Self is too beautiful to rush past. Allow it to inspire you instead. Soften your stance and open yourself to be flooded with divine inspiration. Don’t question how useful it is to others who have not even arrived at this stage yet.



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  1. IngridJ says:

    Thank you for this today. I have been in a similar mood lately.

    1. admin says:

      My pleasure, Ingrid!

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