It’s Been a Devil of a Day!

It's Been a Devil of a Day!

Well, my normal blog post didn’t happen this morning… I was going to blog about The Devil, our daily Tarot Soul Coaching draw… but then all hell broke loose, with technical issues galore, both on my main website and with mailing list subscriptions. I have literally spent all day trying to sort it out. I could hear the Devil giggling in the background…

To make a long story short, I lost about half of my subscribers (sic!)… including – sadly – my most valued long-term subscribers. These are my VIP people, my online family who have supported my work over many years.

You could argue (and rightly so) that Mercury retrograde is not the best time to start faffing with your mailing list or to change providers… I guess that being born with Mercury Rx has made me cocky over the years. Usually, it doesn’t mean bad things for me – quite the contrary! I often find that Mercury Rx lends itself very well to introspection and analysis of complex matters.

I stand corrected and I won’t forget this lesson in a hurry!!

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Meh, it’s been a devil of day for sure… Devil, go away! I’m having the last word about what kind of day this is… Let’s end the day on a high!! Did you know that I’m giving away a 2018 Tarot Review eBook over on Angelorum?! CLICK HERE for your FREE download! We start on 1 December – Please use the hashtag #2018TarotReview if you want to share your daily draw on social media and feel free to tag me. I’m @tarotize on Instagram. I look forward to seeing your shares!!


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