How to Avoid Getting Triggered

Tarot of the Spirit

…do not let yourself get thrown off balance…

~ Pamela Eakins

Yesterday, I got seriously triggered by people’s responses to Doreen Virtue’s A-Z list. Most people who comment have such firm opinions, yet they have no idea about what is actually going on… and when I try to tell them, they simply won’t listen. Most people still think that her conversion is genuine and most people choose to debate or make light of points on that list (playing right into her hands), rather than try to find out the truth or take a stand for the victims in all of this.

It was hugely upsetting for me to see this time and time again. At times it was also infuriating because I would post a link as evidence and to back up my claims that this has nothing to do with faith but that it is about financial fraud. People would comment back as if they hadn’t even read what I posted. Not shaming anyone in particular but I came across some right ignorant bastards yesterday and there is nothing worse than an ignorant bastard with a strong opinion.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d ask the Tarot about this… The question I asked of the Tarot of the Spirit was ‘How can I avoid getting triggered by this?’ and the perfect answer came in the form of the Nine of Fire. Eakins writes:

you are attuned to the right frequency; you are seeing things correctly (…) your clear sight will lead to solid creation that will endure over time; as things change, do not let yourself be thrown off balance; stay focused on the details of living.

I literally could not have asked to receive better guidance that this. I simply need to trust that I have planted the right seeds and laid the foundation for the truth to emerge. I need to focus on getting on with my own life now and when I scoff at the ignorance of others, I need to remind myself that I was ignorant about all of this once too. It takes time…

The arc of the Universe is long but bends toward justice.



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  1. Syl says:

    It was the hardest lesson for me to “accept” that people don’t see, don’t read, don’t understand, don’t get the point, just because they don’t want or they can’t handle the truth, or they are not interested, but still they feel the urge to tell you what to do. Even when you show evidence or present the subject in a logical way. By “accepting”, I don’t mean “justifying”. But I know that many times I’ve been the one who was too distracted, didn’t have the tools to understand, wasn’t ready to accept the truth. I suppose it’s a common human trait, I can’t blame “others”, as I’m one of them (not easy for me to accept). Being triggered is a normal human reaction, because you care.
    The truth is out. You have strong evidence. Your posts are brilliantly written, nodoby can misunderstand them. But still there will always be these kind of responses. ❤

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Syl – I appreciate your support! ❤

  2. Claudia Noble-Pyott says:

    I absolutely love this advice. You can always trust tarot to lead you in the right direction. Thank you for posting this.

    And I agree with Syl that being triggered is a human reaction. We all need to cut ourselves more slack in this department. It’s okay to be triggered, because without feeling all of this so deeply your blog posts wouldn’t have the impact that they do.

    1. admin says:

      Ah yes. I am definitely human… I got angry with myself because of getting/staying triggered and reactive which lead to severe stomach ache, just like when I was a child. So it’s good to have a focal point, such as the one provided here by the Tarot of the Spirit to return to, regain our sanity and place ourselves back in proactive mode.

      1. Claudia Noble-Pyott says:

        Oh yes, the focal point is so important.

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