Five of Crystals Inner Child Tarot

5 of Crystals Inner Child Tarot

The lessons around the 5 of Pentacles continue, it seems…. I give up on even wanting to see another card for our daily Tarot Soul Coaching draw. I learned my lesson after Friday’s two consecutive draws of this card from two different decks (sic!).

This morning, I felt drawn to the Inner Child Tarot by Isha Lerner. I haven’t worked with this deck for a while but when I do, I always come away delighted and with profound insights.

Today’s draw is no different in that respect. It seems the 5 of Crystal’s builds beautifully on Friday’s lesson about a fear of lack holding us back. Basically, what this card teaches us is that our creativity is our abundance.  When we believe in ourselves, nothing can hold us back.

The gnome in the image is putting the final touches to a stained glass window featuring a pentacle design. The points of the pentagram represent ‘birth, initiation, service, rest and transformation,’ according to Isha Lerner.

This card brings a message about how creativity is at the very core of our existence… Isn’t it true that no matter how bad things get, we can always find a creative solution to make things better? In the realm of Crystals/Pentacles, we are called upon to create something with our hands… to give birth in the material realm. This is never a pain-free process.

All the 5’s in the Tarot are related numerologically to The Hierophant and life’s often difficult lessons. We are tried and tested in this space, for sure, but this is where we find out for ourselves that need is the mother of all inventions.

I think we keep getting this card as our daily soul coaching message until we accept that things aren’t meant to be easy, smooth or convenient – That is not how we grow at all. We must be willing to roll up our shirt sleeves and have our mettle tested.

What opportunities have you neglected out of a lack of confidence in yourself and your ability to see the task through to the end? I know exactly what the message is in my own life… and I have a sneaky suspicion you know what the message is for you…

Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt Click To Tweet

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