Blinded by the Light – How Doreen Virtue Succeeded in Fooling Almost Everyone

Tarot of the Spirit

I woke up in full on warrior mode and the Tarot of The Spirit shows it… Intellectually (Air), I know that I am better off leaving the Doreen Virtue debacle behind (for my own peace of mind) but deep desire (Fire) for justice for the victims still burns deep within me. Since the infamous A-Z list was published, the fans of this desire have been flamed by seeing just how successful her latest PR coup (which is what this A-Z list is) has been. People are buying this being a genuine conversion, hook, line and sinker and debating/making light of the A-Z list, which is exactly what she planned.

Most people can be forgiven for not knowing what has been going on, and for thinking that Doreen Version has undergone some kind of genuine spiritual experience/conversion. Many people who own decks and books by Doreen Virtue were never hardcore fans as such. They will not have been following Doreen’s own carefully planned timeline, nor any of the unfolding drama around it. That is perfectly fine and understandable.

However, there are those who were given a heads up that Doreen Virtue was going down the fundamentalist path as early as in the summer of 2017. They were also shown evidence of Doreen Virtue gaslighting students who were aware of this and who began asking for refunds then. Additionally, many of them were made aware of the fraud around the now defunct rescue ranch.

I have a long list of names of people within the spiritual and New Age community who were fully aware because they were told and shown the evidence. Releasing that list at this point in time, won’t be helpful but people need to realise that Hay House were fully aware too, though they claimed ignorance for as long as possible in order to maximise profits from their prize cash cow. 

Some of the people who were informed are spiritual A-listers and massively wealthy thanks to their fan base. They all chose to do and say nothing. Some of these people are B- and C-listers in the spiritual community and many of them who claimed to be so tolerant and understand of Doreen Virtue’s ‘new path’ were not so tolerant and understanding of some of us working really hard to show people what was really going on.  We were told we were evil/vile/negative/jealous etc… Some of us also received threats (sic!) from people in the spiritual community.

Anyone who watched the video Doreen Virtue deleted back in April 2017 will have known then and there that she was going after the money of fundamentalist Christians next. It was also immediately apparent after she made public her connection with Steven Bancarz who makes a living from bashing the New Age.

As apparent as this was to anyone with ears to hear, and no matter how many of us wrote in to Hay House about it, Hay House kept promoting Doreen Virtue’s work, including launching a new energy healing series which Doreen herself would have known was not in alignment with her new faith, but HH and Doreen were banking on most people not being aware of what was happening. This should come as no surprise since Hay House were made aware of other fraudulent behaviour by Doreen Virtue as early as 2012, which includes giving out wrong medical information during a mediumship session.

But more importantly, and I really need to get this off my chest, the people in the New Age who lashed out against those of us who were speaking the truth, loud and clear for all to hear, refused to show any compassion for the victims in all of this, such as the students who were booted from forums for simply asking questions (HERE, HERE and HERE), refused refunds and subsequently gaslighted by Doreen & Michael Virtue, as well as by forum moderators who acted like cult members without any interest whatsoever in helping the students.

There can be a number of reasons for why the forum moderators acted as they did but the truth is that many of them did it for utterly selfish reasons, such as protecting their public image and income stream.

Some of these people have reached out to me in recent days, now that they feel safe because the tide has turned, yet none of them are willing to take a firm stand for the victims. 

You may have noticed that all Hay House authors chose to stay silent on this matter. Newsflash: Almost every single one of them have been contacted and informed about what was happening.

Doreen Virtue has been doing a massive ad hoc clean-up job to unfold the best possible timeline, so that her conversion experience would come across as genuine. A staggering number of videos have been deleted, including those where she was pandering to people on both sides of the fence, trying to come across as a non-judgemental ‘Christian Mystic’ and of course, any damning evidence with regards to the animal sanctuary. 

Because we noticed that evidence was being removed, we started saving everything, including the FAQ video below, where Doreen Virtue makes an admission to soliciting for an unregistered animal sanctuary (illegal in the state of HI). This video was also re-uploaded by some unknown person, which is how I can share it directly from YouTube. I think the fact that social media trails are really difficult to erase completely, will eventually be Doreen Virtue’s downfall.

Then there is the situation with the pigs and this is the real clencher… Doreen Virtue has slandered me in public for sharing a video of her selling the rescue pigs she claims were given to ‘vegan friends’ – A claim she maintains in her book, ‘The Joy of Jesus.’ Me sharing this evidence is what prompted Doreen Virtue to threaten me with legal action. In a very recent video (this year) below, you can see that she is still talking about this video as if it has been fabricated (shared with the correct time stamp):

Well, this lie is being perpetuated thanks, in part, to all those people who did all they could to shut those of us who wanted the truth to be know, so that humans and animals alike could receive restitution. Though, in time, I trust that the truth will win even though we haven’t got one hundreth of the resources Doreen Virtue has in terms of public exposure.

Thankfully, the evidence speaks for itself – loud and clear:

The reason it isn’t quite game over for Doreen Virtue yet is that she is extremely good at creating a cult of people around her who are willing to defend her. These people are blind to any possible wrongdoings. But as with so many other cult leaders in recent times, the facade can only hold for so long… And it can only hold because people who know refuse to speak up because it is somehow inconvenient to them.




  1. Amber says:

    Thanks for the update Lisa… I knew I could come to your blog to see some king of update. I am astonished that she is using her same format on Christianity… instead of the year end reading with cards, now she does it with the Bible? really? I actually feel so sorry for Doreen. She really has been searching for spirituality so hard that its completely evaded her and she is really desperate to attain it. She writes and looks at spirituality as if it is a process or procedure. Her understanding of herself is really easily led around and I feel sorry for the same types of folks that were searching too that she drew to her. If they follow her into this madness… what a shame, what a spiritual crime :O(

    1. admin says:

      Why feel sorry for Doreen? If anything about this supposed conversion were genuine, she would have refunded those who asked and all those who donated to the now defunct animal rescue (money she solicited ILLEGALLY) This is not a genuine change of paths born from honest seeking… This is fraud.

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