An Accidental 72-Hour Water Fast and The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man from the Wheel of Change Tarot
Wheel of Change Tarot

I’m just about to complete a 72-hour water fast and I’m going to break it with an avocado and some almond butter right after I finish this post. Right now, that’s pretty much all I can think about but I wanted to share my experience with you.

This was a completely accidental extended fast. I do daily intermittent fasting on a low carb high fat diet, with either one or two meals a day and zero snacking.

The last time I tried an extended fast, I was aiming for 72 hours but only made it to 48. I had pretty much resigned myself to 48 being my upper limit. So how come I succeeded going for 72 hours when I hadn’t even planned for it?

It’s a little thing called ‘the law of necessity’ – I contracted a UTI over the bank holiday weekend, and it was either go to the ER or find a way of curing myself.

So after looking around on the Internet (as you do), I came to the conclusion that water fasting was the way forward. I was also intuitively drawn to use oregano tea and ruby zoisite (both which happen to be cures for UTI).

It took a couple of days but I managed to flush it all out and because I was so focused on clearing the UTI, I didn’t even feel bothered about fasting. I suppose the body isn’t that keen on food anyway when there is an infection brewing.

But for me, fasting is never just about the body. It’s very much connected with my spiritual journey. I know this well from past experience and I don’t believe it was a coincidence that I was forced to fast and have a big clear-out right after my final two Munay-Ki initiation Rites. It fits.

The fast allowed me to rest, detox and integrate a new perspective on my journey. That will be why The Hanged Man showed up three days in a row. When I realised I was being stalked by my own Shadow Card, I decided to not just do a reading on it, but to create a whole new Stalker Tarot Spread. You can find that HERE, along with the reading I did for The Hanged Man.

Of course, The Hanged Man also corresponds with the Element of Water, so a good companion to have while water fasting…

So yeah, a new milestone has been reached, along with a brand new perspective. There is more to learn of course, but the I have decided which path to take – The Rose Strewn Path, hand in hand with the Divine.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I have an avocado waiting…

Love & Light,


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