About Tarot Soul Coaching


tarot soul coaching white dove for peace of mind

What is Tarot Soul Coaching?

Have you ever felt a bit lost and not sure about how to handle a situation or life choice? Sure you have. We all have and we could all do with a bit of guidance when we feel that way. What we want is clarity but also peace of mind.

I chose the white dove as the totem for my work as a Tarot soul coach because it is a symbol of peace. The white dove is also a symbol of Holy Spirit guidance, which is what I seek to channel in all the readings I do.

Tarot soul coaching works just like a normal Tarot reading in the sense that it can cover any question you have – from the most mundane to the most spiritual… always with the intention to guide you in the direction of your soul’s calling, clarity and peace of mind.

Whether you have questions about love & romance, career, life purpose, general wellbeing, releasing blocks to abundance, creativity, family issues or spiritual development, we will work together for a solution and way forward that is for the Highest Good of All, in addition to actively raising your vibration to be able to fulfil your soul’s calling.

The aim with the Tarot Soul Coaching session is not to make you a passive recipient of ‘fate’ but to make you an active co-creator of your most magnificent destiny. For those times when the cards do imply a fate that cannot be avoided, the cards can still guide you to be responsive rather than reactive and to help you make the best of any situation.

To gain the clearest possible guidance for the path you are on, I strive to connect on a soul level through the ether. I believe Holy Spirit and the angels can facilitate this connection when we ask and seek answers for the Highest Good, regardless of what religious or spiritual path we are on.

Tarot soul coaching sessions often include various holistic remedies, such as crystals, flower remedies and colour therapy remedies.

Runes, oracle cards, dowsing or alchemy stones may be used in addition to the Tarot cards if I am guided to do so.

In addition to having read the Tarot cards since 1985, I have also dedicated the past 20 years to holistic healing studies and am a certified Reiki Healer and Bach Flower Essences practitioner.

All your life questions deserve answers but they warrant answers that keep you on a path of peace and harmony for the Highest Good. If you agree with this then Tarot soul coaching is your best option.

I look forward to working with you soon! CLICK HERE to BOOK an EMAIL READING.

Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg