9 of Wands – Elitism

9 of Wands Elitism

It is Monday, 10 December, 2018 and our Tarot Soul Coaching draw is the 9 of Wands (Moon in Sagittarius). The associated Shem angels are Hariel and Haqmiah. This is the first time since I started the Tarot Soul Coaching posts that we have received this card. Quite synchronistically, the most recent New Moon was in Sagittarius.

The Moon rules our emotions and Sagittarius is the sign of the visionary. Moon in Sagittarius tends to make a person naturally optimistic. However, in the 9’s (all related to the Hermit), we see an isolationist tendency. There is a lack of trust and at times a sense of elitism associated with this card. Whereas Moon in Sagittarius would normally be keen to connect with others, the aspect we see reflected here is of Moon in Sagittarius, patrolling the borders to make sure that nobody deemed unworthy is allowed in.

This 9 of Wands tendency to keep others out comes from past bad experiences in dealings with other people and the natural progression and the natural progression seen in the 10 of Wands is to not allow others to help.

9 of Wands Elitism


Waite for It

The figure leans upon his staff and has an expectant look, as if awaiting an enemy. Behind are eight other staves–erect, in orderly disposition, like a palisade. Divinatory Meanings: The card signifies strength in opposition. If attacked, the person will meet an onslaught boldly; and his build shews, that he may prove a formidable antagonist. With this main significance there are all its possible adjuncts–delay, suspension, adjournment. Reversed: Obstacles, adversity, calamity. (The Pictorial Key to the Tarot)

Shem Angels

The Shem Angels associated with the 9 of Wands are angels no. 15 and 16 Hariel (daytime ruler) and Haqmiah (nighttime ruler). Hariel rules the first five days (quinance) of the second decan of Sagittarius and Haqmiah rules the second quinance of the same decan. They rule the hours of 4.40-5 AM and 5-5.20 AM respectively. The corresponding Psalms are Psalms 15 and 16.

One of Hariel’s titles is ‘The Raiser-Up.’ Hariel protects against defilers and impious people. He is a patron of arts, religious life and sciences. He influences discoveries and new methods. He rules livestock.

Haqmiah has ‘God Is My Aid’  as one of his titles. He aids against traitors and is a patron of rulers. He grants victory over the enemy and rules arsenals. He influences honesty/frankness. Brave and honourable.

Keep me safe, my God,
    for in you I take refuge. (Psalm 16:1)

Frideborg Figures

In the Frideborg Tarot (see image at top of post), the 9 of Wands shows the militant and elitist aspect of this card. Being discerning about our boundaries to others is not always easy… But are we judging others and keeping them out because of our own fear of being judged and excluded? Is it our little self (ego/separate self) that is keeping others out and makes us feel as if we need to patrol our borders, or are we genuinely in need of protection? If the latter is true, are we remembering to call on the Divine for protection or do we feel left to fend for ourselves?

For today’s Tarot Soul Coaching focus, let us become aware of our own tendency toward elitism and exlusionism as a mechanism of the fragile separate self.

By regarding ourselves with kindness, we begin to dissolve the identity of an isolated, deficient self. This creates the grounds for including others in an unconditionally loving heart. ~ Tara Brach Click To Tweet

The archangelic Zodiac sign correspondences are Gabriel (Moon) and Sachiel (Sagittarius).


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