5 of Pentacles and The Environment

5 of Pentacles and The Environment

Yesterday, I pulled the 5 of Pentacles and noticed that it was a repeat from only a few weeks ago. So when I pulled the card again this morning I thought, ‘Nah… Not blogging about you again!!’ I even contemplated taking a day off blogging because I felt jinxed lol

I swapped to another deck (as if the first one had been somehow malfunctioning!?) and the Tarot got the last laugh because here it was again… the 5 of Disks/Pentacles – from the Luna Sol Tarot in the image above.

Only this time, while shuffling, I had focused the intent for a message about the environment because of a dream I had last night and the words this dream prompted me to share in a Facebook post.


A quick reminder about what A.E. Waite says about the 5 of Pentacles Pictorial Key to the Tarot:

Two mendicants in a snow-storm pass a lighted casement. Divinatory Meanings: The card foretells material trouble above all, whether in the form illustrated–that is, destitution–or otherwise. For some cartomancists, it is a card of love and lovers-wife, husband, friend, mistress; also concordance, affinities. These alternatives cannot be harmonized. Reversed: Disorder, chaos, ruin, discord, profligacy.

This time, my attention is directed toward that final word – a word we rarely see used these day, ‘profligacy.’

/ˈprɒflɪɡəsi/ noun

Oh my. This is a wake-up call, my friends!! Also, look at the dates of the previous two 5 of Pentacles posts, both on the 22nd (October and November respectively). 22 is the Master Builder number… Friends, dear friends… We are in for one rude awakening and possibly much sooner than expected.

I hope and pray that we make the right choice, as per the prophecy below, and that it won’t be too late for that extended period of peace and healthy growth…

In the time of the Seventh Fire, a New People would emerge. They would retrace their steps to find the wisdom that was left by the side of the trail long ago. Their steps would take them to the elders, who they would ask to guide them on their journey. If the New People remain strong in their quest, the sacred drum will again sound its voice. There will be an awakening of the people, and the sacred fire will again be lit. At this time, the light-skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. One road is the road of greed and technology without wisdom or respect for life. This road represents a rush to destruction. The other road is spirituality, a slower path that includes respect for all living things. If we choose the spiritual path, we can light yet another fire, an Eight Fire, and begin an extended period of Peace and healthy growth. –Grandfather William Commanda, Circle of All Nations Prophecy of the Seven Fires of the Anishnabe, From Ancient Wampum Belt

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