3 of Wands – Creative Fire

3 of Wands - Creative Fire

I decided to keep working with the Inner Child Tarot by Isha Lerner for our daily Tarot Soul Coaching draws this week. Today we have the Three of Wands. 3’s all relate to III The Empress and creativity in some way. Wands are Fire: confidence, action, excitement, adventure, entrepreneurship, charisma.

In the Inner Child Tarot, we see three fairies playing tiny violins while flying around the branches of a peach tree (associated with Venus/The Empress). I personally associate all stringed instruments with the Element of Fire so the symbology makes perfect sense to me.

The message of the Inner Child Three of Wands is about opening up to the joy of artistic expression.

3 of Wands Creative Fire

Waite for It

A.E. Waite focuses more on the business side of things in his notes for the 3 of Wands in the Pictorial Key to the Tarot:

A calm, stately personage, with his back turned, looking from a cliff’s edge at ships passing over the sea. Three staves are planted in the ground, and he leans slightly on one of them. Divinatory Meanings: He symbolizes established strength, enterprise, effort, trade, commerce, discovery; those are his ships, bearing his merchandise, which are sailing over the sea. The card also signifies able co-operation in business, as if the successful merchant prince were looking from his side towards yours with a view to help you. Reversed: The end of troubles, suspension or cessation of adversity, toil and disappointment.

The astrological correspondence is Sun in Aries. The Sun is exalted in Aries so this is a powerful (and frank) energy.

Frideborg Figures

3 of Wands Creative Fire

In the Frideborg Tarot, the imagery rather than the cultural context (I’m not American!) is what drew me to use the picture of a street light for the 3 of Wands. If you look at the fire-coloured hand, you have a perfect symbol for taking action and the number 3 is self-explanatory. However, you could look at the countdown to ‘stop’ (which a friend told me this was the sign for) as a the reversed meaning for the 3 of Wands according to Waite, i.e. ‘cessation of adversity’ and beginning of creativity/abundance… provided we take action.

In the RWS Tarot card imagery, adversity is shown as the patch stitched onto the cape of the man in the 3 of Wands. He’s been through a rough patch but he picked himself up and now he has put some plans into action, to improve his life… and it’s about to pay off!

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