3 of Cups – Nelakiel and Yeyaiel

3 of Cups - Nelakiel and Yeyaiel

Last night I decided to go down the rabbit hole with the Shem angels, the 72 angels of the Name of G-d, aka Shem HaMephorash. This is such a fascinating area of study that you will have to put up with some additional angelic info for the daily Tarot Soul Coaching draw for a while to come, I’m afraid.

Unfortunately, there is not just one system of correspondences for the Shem Angels and the Tarot. So far, I have found four but the one that resonates the most is the one outlined by Aaron Leitch HERE. Sadly, the one that resonates the least is the Golden Dawn version which starts with the first decanate of Leo instead of Aries.  I say ‘sadly,’ because it would have been neat to feel super happy about using this system since I already use (and love) the Golden Dawn astrological correspondences.

The other problem with studying the Shem angels is that you can’t just google one of the names and hope to find all the information out there. The reason for this is that each name has several widely varying spellings – Frustrating to say the least!

The last time I wrote about the 3 of Cups, I wrote about friendship, a common enough keyword / theme for this Mercury in Cancer Tarot card. Today, I thought we would look at the corresponding angels for clues on how to use the 3 of Cups for guidance. According to Aaron Leitch, the two corresponding Shem Angels for the 3 of Cups are angel no. 21 Nelakiel/Nelchael (daytime ruler) and no. 22 Yeyaiel/Yeyayel/Yeiayel (nighttime ruler).  They both belong to the choir of Thrones/Aralim.

Nelakiel has the title ‘Thou Alone,’ among others. He protects against curses, evildoers, slanderers and maleficent spirits. He is a patron of anyone involved in maths and geometry, all abstract sciences, art and poetry. He is a guide to those who seek wisdom.

Yeyaiel has ‘Thy Right Hand’  as one of his titles. He protects against storms and shipwrecks. He is a patron to all who are involved with commerce and who travel for business. Yeyaiel can be called upon for help with fortune-telling as well as with gaining fame, renown and fortune.

Out of the characteristics above, the ones I readily associate with the 3 of Cups would be art, poetry, protection against shipwrecks and divination/fortune-telling.

For today’s Tarot Soul Coaching draw, seeking the guidance of the two Shem angels mentioned above, I feel we are guided to be in harmony with our soul’s yearning for wisdom and to truly nourish our souls this way. Nourishing is a theme for all the 3’s since they relate numerologically to The Empress. As we nourish this longing to rise above the folly of the world, we draw true friendships to us as well…

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The angelic correspondences based on Mercury in Cancer are Raphael (Mercury) and Gabriel (Moon/Cancer).


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