3 of Cups – Friends are born, not made

3 of Cups Friends are born, not made

Is it true that ‘friends are born, not made’? This is one of those quotes which made me a) think of the 3 of Cups and b) question its veracity. Surely you have to work to build friendships? They don’t just happen, do they?

Then I started thinking about all the greatest friendships in my nearly 50 year long life and realised that the best and closest friendships – the kind that when you meet back up after many years and it feels like no time at all has passed – literally just happened.

A couple of them also came with a strong feeling of already knowing the other person… perhaps from a past life. Indeed, one of them started her conversation with me by telling me she knew me from a past life. I looked into her eyes and instantly recognised her soul, so could only nod in agreement.

That said, there are other kinds of friendship too and one level, every living being is my friend. We were all put here together to learn to love and get along. Everyone is my teacher and worthy of respect because of that.

I have found though, that the friendships I end up working on because I feel we ought to get along… because we have this or that in common… never work out. The soul affinity just wasn’t there and it’s like trying to mix oil and water.

Probably, the best advice I can give myself for future reference is to not work so hard. If it’s meant to be, it will just happen – just like it always has.

The Frideborg Tarot 3 of Cups celebrates the joy of friendship through dance, just like Pamela Coleman Smith’s 3 of Cups. When you move out on the dance floor, you need to do so with someone you already like. Have you ever tried to dance with someone because you felt you should? Did it feel fun and exciting?

You flow with the joy of the music in the dance with true friends, because you naturally dance to the same beat anyway.

Joy is the very essence of friendship… and joy is born, not made.


Lisa Frideborg
Tarot Soul Coach


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