10 of Wands – Being Burdened

10 of Wands Being Burdened

Following on from yesterday’s post about stability and contemplating the still apparent lack of it in my life, I had some nightmares about being homeless. I get those dreams from time to time, which is not so strange considering I have been homeless in the past. Therefore, it was reassuring to pull the 10 of Wands as my daily Tarot Soul Coaching draw. I felt burdened and the Tarot mirrored that back to me.

In the Pictorial Key to the Tarot, A.E. Waite says this about the 10 of Wands:

A man oppressed by the weight of the ten staves which he is carrying. Divinatory Meanings: A card of many significances, and some of the readings cannot be harmonized. I set aside that which connects it with honour and good faith. The chief meaning is oppression simply, but it is also fortune, gain, any kind of success, and then it is the oppression of these things. It is also a card of false-seeming, disguise, perfidy. The place which the figure is approaching may suffer from the rods that he carries. Success is stultified if the Nine of Swords follows, and if it is a question of a lawsuit, there will be certain loss. Reversed: Contrarieties, difficulties, intrigues, and their analogies.

On a physical level, this card is associated with back pain, something I have been suffering from rather a lot in the past week, though I’m the first to admit that it is self-inflicted and I’m sure I will be able to cure myself of it very soon.

In the Thoth Tarot, the title of this Saturn in Sagittarius card is simply ‘Oppression’ and the feeling of crushing oppression is what I wanted to depict in the Frideborg Tarot. There is nothing you can do to steel yourself against the weight of it – You must simply allow it to crush you and hope that you will rise from the dust transformed.

In the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, we see spirit hands helping at the top of the card. This is a wonderful reminder that we can always ask for help and that we aren’t meant to carry even the most crushing of burdens all by ourselves. To me, this image also represents how many people turn to God and the angels in prayer only when they feel as if they can no longer cope on their own.

Sometimes extreme challenges facilitate a spiritual reconnection. It’s perhaps not ideal for reconnection to happen that way but, alas, it is human nature. One way to look at the 10 of Wands from a Tarot Soul Coaching perspective is to see it as a trial, sent to test our faith. That doesn’t preclude looking at our own possible culpability but even so, there is always grace. Always.




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