Tarot for the Way 4 January

See, my children, a person who is in a state of sin is always sad. Whatever he does, he is weary and disgusted with every thing; while he who is at peace with God is always happy, always joyous. . . Oh, beautiful life! Oh, beautiful death!
– John Vianney

To sin simply means ‘to miss the mark’… and who among us haven’t missed the mark on occasion? That is why the Bible tells ‘the one without sin to cast the first stone.’ If we are not afraid to admit our wrongdoing and undertake making amends, we can grown in peace and joy but if we pretend to be flawless, which is what New Age deludes people into thinking, we will know nothing but unrest, distress and sorrow.

The truth is, we need God’s grace, like the flowers need the sun. In the Tarot 4 of Cups, we see someone being blind to the reality of grace.

And in the 7 of Cups, we see someone being given the option of choosing to accept God’s grace in plain sight… but the choice is still ours to make.

St John Vianney also says:

We put pride into everything like salt. We like to see that our good works are known. If our virtues are seen, we are pleased; if our faults are perceived, we are sad. I remark that in a great many people; if one says anything to them, it disturbs them, it annoys them. The saints were not like that – they were vexed if their virtues were known, and pleased that their imperfections should be seen.

Therefore, to gain peace means to humble ourselves and to rely completely on the grace of God.

Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg