Tarot for the Way 3 January

Humility is the only virtue that no devil can imitate. If pride made demons out of angels, there is no doubt that humility could make angels out of demons.
~ St John Climacus

While there is no Tarot card titled humility, some of the Majors touch on this theme: Strength, The Hermit, The Hanged Man, Death, The Tower and Judgement

Strength is a card of compassion and in terms of personal development it means learning to have compassion toward the less savoury traits within ourselves. In doing so, we must first humble ourselves enough to acknowledge these traits.

The Hermit is perhaps the best fit for the term ‘humility’ since he walks a path of renunciation of both the pleasures the world has to offer and the desires of the ego.

In The Hanged Man we see the individual being humbled. In actual fact, I believe this is exactly the new perspective we are meant to gain when our life is put on pause and we find ourselves in a sort of limbo. It is only when we humble ourselves and surrender to a Higher Will that we can begin to move forward gain – this time under a paradigm of grace instead of seeking to please ourselves.

With the Tarot Death card, we are reminded of our mortality and the fact that none of us knows the hour. One day, perhaps sooner rather than later, we must face our Maker, in whose hands our individual fates rest.

With the Tower we are being humbled in a more forceful way, through accidents, trauma and cataclysmic events in the world around us. The best way to respond is to humble oneself and start over, realising that what had been busy constructing was not of God.

Judgement shows us a life-changing fork in the road where we are given an opportunity to align with Divine Will so that we may serve better. Will you or won’t you? The choice is still yours… or it is until you run out of time… and then you will be shown this fork in the road in your life review after your cross over.


Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg