Tarot for the Way 19 January

Social justice is on my mind this morning. FB friends share some corkers… Yesterday, I came across the tweet below:

I’m proud to report that this quickly became my most shared share ever, which means that most of my friends have a social conscience and are in fact ‘decent fucking human beings.’ But there is always one, isn’t there? 

Someone I’m linked to on FB had to go there:

“There isn’t FREE healthcare~ it’s paid by taxes. It’s govt. healthcare. Most people don’t have issues with govt. healthcare if it’s given equally to everyone with everyone paying his/her share. It’s the freeloaders who don’t pay diddly that the workers don’t like because the workers already pay their own share then get stuck covering others who don’t cover their own. If I want to help that little boy or older gentleman or any other good person TRYING to be honorable, I will, & usually do financially & prayerfully, but covering taxes & benefits for lazy addicts who made poor decisions to screw up their health, no, I choose not & should have that right. It’s about accountability not entitlement.”

My reply:

“It’s already stated above that it is financed through extra taxes. How ironic that you mention entitlement because you clearly speak from that place yourself. Anybody who mentions ‘freeloaders’ in the same sentence as free public healthcare should be made to walk in the shoes of the ‘addicts’ you mentioned, from birth. You know what also strikes me about your statement… You live in a supposedly Christian country (or you do according to the Republican party who are the ones opposed to healthcare for everyone)… Not once did Christ mention freeloaders. He didn’t see addicts (he simply didn’t judge) – he saw people in need of healing. And he never once refused to heal anyone.”

I would like to make the following amendment: Jesus did judge. He judged the Pharisees who spoke from a place of enormous entitlement and did everything they could to block the gateway to the Kingdom, a Kingdom they themselves would never be allowed to enter according to Jesus.

Jesus gathered to himself those who had no standing in society, the whores, addicts, tax collectors and ‘freeloaders’… all those who knew they were sinners, all those who were judged by the rest of society. But he didn’t die just for them. He died for all of us. He gave us all the most precious gift of all: eternal life, which is not something we have to put off until the day our body dies… This about the Kingdom which is at hand and which we are meant to be establishing here and now. Unfortunately, this gift is only ever accepted by those who realise they need it as a gift…

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Thank you, God. We who were not worthy wish to pass on the gift. We do not wish to see ourselves as righteous and others as less deserving of the gift of your precious body. We leave all judgment to you and give freely, healing everyone who wishes to be made whole.

Lisa Frideborg