Frideborg Tarot Guidance 21 November


I found that when you start thinking and saying what you really want then your mind automatically shifts and pulls you in that direction. And sometimes it can be that simple, just a little twist in vocabulary that illustrates your attitude and philosophy.
~ Jim Rohn

The theme for today is the power of the mind. Let yourself be stretched by new thought and new ways of doing things today. Try to see statements that challenge your belief system in a new, positive way. Develop an attitude of detached curiousity. Seek to understand rather than to judge.

Man’s mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Because we spend so much of our lives online, connecting with like minds via social media platforms, we are at risk of being served up only that which is palatable to us. There is a new term for this phenomenon, echo chamber. If we are never challenged, our growth becomes stunted. We are also at risk of believing things indiscriminately if we do not develop a scientific and questioning mindset.

‘Is this really true?,’ should be the first question we ask ourselves when we come across any information. Secondly, we would do well to ask ourselves, ‘Is this useful?.’ We often pass on memes and other bits of information online without fact checking or considering if it is worth spreading.

Serious discernment is lacking in our world today and sorely needed. We allow ourselves too often be swayed by that which feels good and boosts our ego or intellectual pride. Discernment requires both fact checking and a going within to weigh the matter up in the chamber of our heart where we can hear the still small voice within.

The problem is that the more discerning we become, the more often we find that we need to make a u-turn on the path we are on because we realise that we are in the fast lane to hell. It doesn’t look good (in the eyes of the world) to repent, eat humble pie and start moving in a new direction.  But does that really matter when it is your soul that is on the line?

Hell is a state of mind and so is Heaven.

The energy of the mind is the essence of life. 
~ Aristotle

If you have never studied philosophy before, read a book on it today. If you are new to psychology… dive in! If you never read the Bible but have plenty opinions about Christians, try opening it and see what it says for yourself. If you are quick to judge Moslems, how about reading up on Islam?

Live is too short to live in fear and ignorance. It is a well-known fact that the more we stretch our minds, the more we realise how little we know… and the more we humble ourselves this way, the more tolerant we become.

Blessed be!

Lisa Frideborg


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