Frideborg Tarot Guidance 16 December


“I rebel; therefore I exist.”
― Albert Camus

The pull to start afresh today, on a 1 Numerology day and the presence of The Fool in our daily draw, could be almost overwhelming. But you will find that you will have to fight for it. Others will want to keep the status quo and won’t like to see you grow, change and take flight.

Today you must choose your battles wisely because at some point you will have to stand your ground (7 of Wands) if you want to set out on this new path that you can see/sense unfolding before you. Save your energy for what truly matters today and be mindful of the fact that during the holiday season it may be even more difficult than usual to break away from tradition.

The quint of these three cards works out to 8 (Strength), so you will have a good dose of courage in your belly. Strength tells us that we must do the thing we fear the most.

The temptation today is to slip back into that drawer of old photographs… the 6 of Cups is our comfort zone. We know these emotions. Everything feels familiar. But wait! What do you really want today? You want to feel what it feels like to fly, don’t you? Then you have to try your wings and trust the Elements.

“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.”
― Albert Einstein



Lisa Frideborg