Frideborg Tarot Guidance 15 December


A military solution to the problems of the world is like opening a festering boil with a rusty knife.
A political solution to the problems of the world is like surgery.
A spiritual solution to the problems of the world is like a complete change of diet and exercise which sustains the wellbeing of the individual long-term.

Aleppo is on my mind and I’m weeping and praying over what is happening there… There are thoughts of military and political solutions flying about in the news… but there is only one solution that will create peace in the Middle East and that is for people to start seeing with the eyes of their hearts…

Jesus came to show us how. He showed us how to take the high road and that is what I see in these cards: a Stor of hope… a Follower of the Way, an exit route to a road above the many paths of destruction.

The quint works out to 34/7 The Chariot. Forward movement is possible though we may not yet know where the road leads… Today, we are called to walk in faith and to believe in Him who sent his Spirit to show us the way. Take one peaceful step at the time, trusting that you sow seeds of faith, hope and peace with every footfall. Remain in a prayerful and contemplative frame of mind. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the noise of the world.

The Star tells us to unite with kindred spirits to strengthen our faith and hope. Take yourself to a place of worship or invite some people around to pray.

I had a dream last night. I saw myself as an inanimate object for the first time ever in a dream… I was a small, four-stringed instrument, a rustic-looking harp… I saw this tiny instrument cover a map of the world and it made me realise that though I am small and rather insignificant in the larger scheme of things… the noise I make matters as I connect with other instruments and orchestras across the planet.

Come, Holy Spirit, and make me an instrument of peace.

Come, Holy Spirit! Burn away the fear and despair that has taken root in the dark places of this planet. Come with your cleansing, holy fire and burn away our apathy. Come with hope and love. Come and animate our hands and words so that we may comfort, heal and feed our neighbour.



Lisa Frideborg