Frideborg Tarot Guidance 14 December


Today is an 8 day numerologically speaking, the Moon is Full in Gemini and the spiritual lesson (quint of these three cards) is XX Judgment.

An 8 vibration day is generally good for getting on with business and bringing any money-making projects to completion. 8 is a powerful number and other themes associated with this number is evolution, control and release. The 8th House of the Zodiac is the House of sex, death, transformation and other people’s money.

As the Moon is now starting to wane, starting new projects is not recommended but releasing anything that limits you is great. The exact time of the Full Moon was 12.05 AM, so just after midnight last night. The influence of the Full Moon lingers for another couple of days…

Interestingly, the Moon in Gemini Tarot card (7 of Swords) is showing here. Today, then, is a good day for working with this lunar energy in the light of your awareness. With the theme of making life-changing choices served up via the Judgment quint, we could, for instance, effortlessly analyse the pros and cons of any choice we are about to make in an emotionally detached state.

Today, the highlighted choice is one to do with family and our nearest and dearest (10 of Cups). Any drama and emotional trauma (3 of Swords) can be released today. Plans to avoid more of the same over the holidays can be set in motion. You simply will not let yourself be manipulated any more. Good for you!

Today you see clearly that just because things have been a certain way doesn’t mean they have to continue along the same tracks – especially with regards to family and emotional ties. Today you can, if you choose, be that person who is completely unfuckwithable.

7 Signs That You Are Unfuckwithable

  • You are comfortable in your own skin
  • You feel the fear and do it anyway because you no longer fear fear
  • You don’t seek approval from other people
  • You know that the opinions of other people are their problem, not yours
  • You embrace change with gusto because you know that life is change and to stay the same is death
  • You have faith which allows you to easily let go of the things you cannot control
  • You engage others from a starting point of compassion and practise radical forgiveness


Blessed Be!