Frideborg Tarot Gateway Guidance 9 November


The face of the kitty in the Frideborg Tarot Strength is pretty much what my face looked like when I woke up to the Morning News…

We need all the strength we can muster now, with New Beginnings on the horizon. What else is the combination of Strength and The Fool telling us? Strength corresponds with Leo, the Zodiac sign which rules the heart and the spine. The Fool corresponds with Uranus, ruler of the Central Nervous System.

People get triggered (The Fool/Uranus) more and more easily. We don’t know whom to trust. The majority of people are ruled by rage and compassion is therefore more important than ever. We can’t put out fire with fire. We need to create a society where people feel unafraid to express their opinions but that also keeps hate speech in check.

This is the morning after the US presidential election and Trump has won. It should come as now surprise that we have two Major Arcana cards today. It could be worse – it could have been The Tower and The Devil… These two cards show us that the result of the vote is not the end of the world, though it may feel like it to many of us; It is only another beginning… Those of us who have had little or no backbone (Leo/Strength) before are having to grow one. We can all see clearly now that relying on Big Brother to look after us won’t work.

The system is broken. If it weren’t, Trump wouldn’t be President. OK, so maybe we wished for a better way to start the rebuilding process but essentially we have what we deserve after allowing rage to rule our minds and not focusing on caring for each other in more loving ways.

On a positive note, while the system is broken, democracy still works. This is a true reflection of the voice of the people… a people prone to blame rather than taking responsibility, a people that doesn’t prioritize education… a people that STILL undervalues women and views them as a decorative element rather than a force to be reckoned with.

Oh yes, we have what we deserve. I’m not even American, so how can I say ‘we’? This ‘movement’ which swept across America is sweeping across the planet. The unrest is growing. There is only one remedy… and it’s found in these two cards:

Free your mind from hatred. Focus on compassion and build your morals on a foundation of love.


Blessed Be!