Frideborg Tarot Gateway Guidance 2 November



Thinking about the sacrifices we all must make in order to fully embody our life purpose always leads to a new perspective – A perspective which enables us to re-prioritise and re-organise our lives.

The truth is, if you claim to be on a path of divine service, your life is no longer your own. What is ‘normal’ in the world can no longer be your normal.

This doesn’t mean that you will not be provided for or that your physical needs won’t be met.

What it does mean is that any interest in hoarding earthly treasures for the sake of owning them, or any attempts to exercise power over others (such as politics or romantic attachments) will have instant karmic backlash served up for you.

And your relationships won’t be the same as those of ordinary folks. There can be no room for drama or jealousy. The advice of friends can never take on greater importance than the whisperings of the still small voice within.

Daily surrender is needed. Prayer and contemplation should bookend your days.

Do not let yourself be fooled by New Age marketing specialists who would have us believe that more spiritual paraphernalia is the way forward. The more stuff you buy, the less time you are likely to be spending on things that really matter and could make a difference in the world.

Do not let yourself be fooled by social media, thinking you need to spend hours every day, serving up the perfect version of your life and/or work in pixels on a screen.

Get out there, in the world and shine your light. Help those in need.

In the end, on the day of Judgement, it will become apparent what you have known your whole life… It was always between you and God.


Blessed be!