Frideborg Tarot Gateway Guidance 14 November


The combination of Death and The Empress make me think of how we must die to our old self when we give birth and become parents. Bringing something or someone new into the world means that we have to let go of who we thought we were and how the world should work…

The whole planet is suffering with birthing pains right now. There are basically four kinds of people:

  • Those who look forward to the changes happening now and get actively involved.
  • Those who look forward to anything at all changing but prefer to be a cynical commentator on social media.
  • Those who oppose the changes and prefer to complain on social media rather than take any form of action.
  • Those who oppose many of the changes, have a vision for how things could be better and take action.

Then there is a rare fifth type of person, a kind of super hero who has never been reactive but who holds his lantern high, with a vision of what our society needs to be like for everyone to feel loved. This person realises that politics has very little to do with creating the ideal society. He knows it has to be a grassroots movement of people helping people… People fearlessly holding hands across the globe. Not to defy the dictators and psychopaths of this planet but to actively spread love.

This person knows that love will always be the answer.

This person is a dying breed because cynicism is spreading like the plague. Cynicism and social media are turning flesh and blood into putty in the hands of politicians and power mongers.

Unplug. Think. Love.

And for God’s sake, have safe sex if you are in bed with a cynic or you’ll end up giving birth to a joke.

Blessed be!