Frideborg Tarot Gateway Guidance 10 November


“None so empty of grace as he that thinks he is full.”
– Thomas Watson


In today’s draw the solar plexus energy of The Chariot (Cancer) combines with the fiery energy of the Leo (heart) Knight of Wands. We need to progress the solar energy of the little self so that this power belongs to the Higher Self alone and becomes centred in the heart rather than the solar plexus. These two cards speak of the prep work we need to do for Temperance to take up permanent residence in our heart chakra to monitor our spiritual homeostasis…

Both the Chariot and the Knight of Wands are cards of pride on one end of the spectrum, but because all cards contain their own remedy, they are also cards of infinite grace. The grand gestures and bold moves that we are able to make when the energy current of these cards run through us can either take us in the direction of The Tower… or in the direction of The Star. Two paths divide before us. The Knight who looks heavenward before he leaps is safe, as is the charioteer who reads the road signs.

I believe these cards show up today because many are in need of hope and grace right now. Many are experiencing life on earth now as hell, because all they can see is the anger, bigotry and hatred around them. They have forgotten to look up and have stopped noticing the road signs. The roar of media is too loud. They have also forgotten to look within and so they project all their own shortcomings on the world around them…

So what of the remedy? How do we seek it out and what is the recommended dosage? The remedy lies in re-membering who you truly are, child of God. It also lies in remembering past disappointments…

Once you’ve clawed your way out of hell once, you know you can do it again if need be. You know that whatever you are up against shall pass… and that eternity is a long time, with many cycles of sadness and gladness…

You also know that divine providence conspires to help. But most importantly, you come to realise that it is in helping others that you raise yourself up from the depths of despair, because you understand that you are not alone in your struggle though YOUR test is yours alone to pass…

The thing about grace is that it is only made manifest when we declare our absolute inability to pull ourselves up and empty ourselves of pride.

The wounds of Christ are five for a reason: the first four address our ego’s need to grab and hoard, to hunt and lay traps… These wounds are the wounds of the hands and the feet. Stigmata appear when we are truly willing to let go and say ‘Thy will be done…’

The final wound, the wound to the heart, addresses spiritual pride and the need for actively engaging in the process of soul alchemy where water is mixed with blood: continuously emptying ourselves of ego and opening up to grace. Then the Son/Sun then becomes the abiding indwelling that radiates through us.

All five wounds can be healed by grace and grace alone… So today, read the signs and look up to Heaven. You are not alone. Allow yourself to be poor in spirit today, so that God can fill you with his grace.


Blessed be!