Frideborg Tarot Guidance 18 November


Your anxiety, stress, tension and strained effort won’t help you get the work done any better today… Put yourself in a state of ease instead. Effortless focus on what is necessary means saying ‘No’ to what isn’t and trusting that all will be well.

To place oneself in a state of ease is a silent affirmation of faith in the fact that ‘All shall be well.’

If you do not like the people you are working with and are blaming them for your stress levels, please think again: It is all in your mind. You are the one causing yourself the stress you are feeling now… and you are the only one who can relax yourself by accepting and working with what is.

When we have faith – and no, I’m not talking about the New Age variety which assumes that the Universe owes you nothing but the best – we are able to relax because we know God has our back through all the inevitable trials and tribulations we each most face.

There is no room for ‘Why me?’ when we believe.

Blessed Be!