Frideborg Tarot Daily Guidance 17 November


In some lifetimes, we receive the crown of shame, in some the crown of glory, and in others the crown of the martyr. Not only great saints are eligible for the gift of the latter; we can all choose to make a sacrifice that pierces the very core of our being and what we cling to for a (false) sense of self.

Now, why would anyone want to cause so much pain for themselves? Haven’t we have learned to look out for number one? We live in a society that encourages us to feel entitled to only the best. Because of this mentality, we have become soft, easily offended and sufferers of more or less permanent butt hurt.

The good news about all this (yes, a silver lining to even this) is that it doesn’t take a big sacrifice for the purifying pain of the martyr to seep to our core. All we have to do is to choose to not carry our butt hurt in our hearts and nurture it like we would a hungry baby. Tear that baby from your chest and it may FEEL like you’re having your heart ripped out… More good news! It’s only an ILLUSION.

Ego is the movement of the mind toward objects of perception in the form of grasping, and away from objects in the form of aversion. This fundamentally is all the ego is. This movement of grasping and aversion gives rise to a sense of a separate ‘me,’ and in turn the sense of ‘me’ strengthens itself this way.
~ Adyashanti

Judgement corresponds with Pluto and the 3 of Swords with Saturn in Libra. You choose your alliance here to either the One who has the power to raise you up, even when your body dies… or to the ego, which will destroy everything on its path – especially your most intimate relationships because without them your sense of isolation will keep growing… and that is one yummy morsel for baby Butt Hurt.

Your choice.


Blessed Be!