Frideborg Tarot Daily Guidance 16 November


The King of Swords (Gemini) is about as far removed from the Neptunian energy of the Hanged Man as you could possibly get. That may not mean much to you if you’re not into metaphysical stuff, so let me put it in terms that make sense for the day ahead.

You may find yourself deeply emotional, confused and even tearful today (Neptune). These feelings could make it impossible for you to move forward or to even begin to see what must be sacrificed in order to make headway. At the same time, you have a keen mind, more than able to analyse things objectively and make the best choices for yourself.

You need to find the switch between head and heart today and create a temporary bypass so that you do not become paralysed by your emotions. Something will demand your attention and you will need to be able to communicate clearly whether or not you feel up to it at the moment. If you are still processing things emotionally, simply tell your heart that you will return to this process as soon as possible.

Today is about reconciling differences within your own psyche and getting on with business.

Do not get lost in the ocean of emotions and don’t cut the head off from the heart permanently. There is a room for both… Sometimes we need to find the switch to make things work and be of use in the world… and that is OK. Just breathe…

“The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I see it, is service to a fellow human being.”
— Lee Iacocca

Doreen Virtue likes to say ‘When you’re nervous, focus on service’ and I happen to like this saying very much. It applies to other negative emotional states too. The thing NOT to do is to wallow. There is no room for faith when we wallow and when we stand firm in our faith there is no room for wallowing.

The quote below kind of sums up on what you are working on now, on a personal level. Be patient – this process takes time…

“If my heart could do my thinking, and my head begin to feel, I would look upon the world anew, and know what’s truly real.”
— Van Morrison

The Hanged Man contains all of our highest ideals. Some of them are ready to be realised because head and heart are aligned. Some need more time in order to mature. Confusion is that blessed time of incubation before we gain a new perspective which gives birth to right action in the world.

Sometimes we are crucified willingly and sometimes we are like the one of the thieves by Christ’s side. If you offer up your confusion to God and ask for guidance, you will have enough clarity to get on with what needs to get done and the process of gaining that new perspective will speed up.

Crucify your intellectual pride today.


Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg