Frideborg Tarot Daily Guidance 15 November


Emotional maturity and purity are themes for today… The Tarot cards for today, the King of Cups and The Hermit, are like a story about a man begging to be told, so I’ll tell it…

There once was a deeply emotional young man who did all he could to find meaning in life. He couldn’t understand why people were so uptight and fixated on stuff that didn’t really matter. He wore his huge heart on his sleeve and it got more and more battered as he gained experience of this world. He found solace in drink and the odd recreational drug. When people got drunk or high with him, he felt that they were being more real. Life became sufferable in those short-lived moments… but he paid a high price.

Being a sensitive person, he suffered greatly from the impact of the drugs on his body and mind but he had progressed too far down this path to be able to quit. He felt trapped and unhappy with his life… Everything he touched seemed to turn to shit… but what saddened him most was that the great feeling of love he had in his heart had found nowhere safe to land.

One morning, waking up with a sore head, as a last resort, he turned to prayer. ‘God,’ he whispered and then cleared his throat to start again… ‘God, I know we never really talked before but I believe that the beauty of creation and the love in my heart belong to you. I want to get to know you – please help me to know you fully and to be of service to mankind.’

He arose from his prayer and the park bench where he had spent many a night when he had nowhere else to sleep… He arose a new man. His heart had landed – there was no better expression for what had happened. He suddenly knew why he had felt the way he had felt all his life. What he felt was more than love… it was devotion.

He walked down to the river and took his shoes off… He knew he was about to step onto a new path, so he washed his feet in preparation. Then he walked to the nearest house of prayer and asked to speak with the minister.

Ten years later, we watch him on his way to prayer. We can’t see his face but he is smiling because has been working with some youths in the community, teaching them about organic gardening. His days are bookended by prayers for all of humanity. We will never know how great a debt we owe him.

We have all been lost at some point. We will all be found… because nothing is ever lost in the eyes of love and God watches over us all.

He gave us life and because we are created beings we have freedom. We are not just shadows, but true divine beings – sons and daughters of the Living God – so we have free will. When free will aligns with love, we freely choose obedience, poverty and chastity so that we can be more like Christ. His wounds become ours and it is through these wounds that we are liberated but more than that… our presence helps others become free too.

Blessed be!